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I love birthdays. I love my birthday and other people's birthdays and just...birthday, birthday, birthday *bounce, bounce, bounce* I know lots of people stop caring about (or having any desire to count) birthdays after 21, but that will never be me.

So my day today... Woke up and opened my cards from my folks and my present from [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm (Thank you!!). Off to work.

Work was fairly good in it's own right, no pre-big-event panic and the boss is leaving town tomorrow so there was the promise of respite. Received two dozen mixed color roses from my grad school buddies (which I learned later - after sending a thank you to all - was actually mostly from one friend, so I sent him a snail mail thank you as well). Had cake from my coworkers that was really yummy. Received lots of online birthday wishes throughout the day.

Then home, where the Roommates made dinner, but first had totally decorated the apartment with streamers and balloons and such. Got a gift certificate to the beading store (crafts!) and two books (books!) from Girl Roommate and Visiting Roomate respectively (the decorations were Boy Roommates present). Had yummy tacos and the world's laregest birthday cake, baked by Boy Roommate.

My parents present was a gift certificate to a day spa, which I am totally calling tomorrow for an appointment. I get a facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut and make-up over a 4.5 to 5 hour period...mmmmmmm pampering.

The rest of my evening was phonecalls (and sadly, missed phone calls - Sorry [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm).

So that's my birthday. Well that and a dinner out with as many people as I can manage on Sunday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
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Well, Saturday went well (despite my waking up ten minutes before I was suppose to be at work or ten minutes after I should have left for work, however you want to look at it. After that adrenaline boost, the day went fairly well, even with the weather not cooperating. I heard mostly positive reviews. A bit of gripping for people who couldn't sit with their guests at lunch...you know, the guests they didn't tell us they were bringin. But overall...things were good.

Count me as relieved that it's over and I can finally get back to a semi-normal schedule.

Yesterday was just relaxing all day and then going to a party with the coworkers. It was just what was needed to completely unwind from the stress of the past few weeks. Good food, good beer and lots of laughs.

Went apple picking in the rain today, which was actually much more pleasant than it may sound. Came back with more apples than I know what to do with so if anybody has any great apple-based recipes, please share.

Came home to find a box from [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm waiting for me (which confuses me, cause isn't there no mail today?) It's my birthday present, but I'm going to be good and wait til it's actually my birthday before I open it.

Now I'm going to do some grocery shopping and then do some mix of reading, cleaning, movie watching, and Photoshop fiddling for the rest of the afternoon/evening.
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Why must time move so slowly?! I have a fairly kickass weekend planned here people. It needs to be the weekend now!

How about now!


Dammit...make the clock move faster.
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Once you're no longer in school, you shouldn't be allowed to have homework. And yet...

Of course I'm treating it just like I did during school and putting it off til the last possible second (aka Sunday) and enjoying the weekend as much as possible with it hanging over my head.

How much is possible you ask? Well, Friday night was drinks and Netflix and today was a museum and a movie with the SciJo crowd and tomorrow is another movie, this time with an LJer.

And then the homework...which I refuse to think about now, cause damnit, it's my weekend!
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So when your boss asks if you're ok because he's noticed that you've been "so quiet and low-key" of late, is it appropriate to answer with "Well, I'm miserable at this job and am currently looking for any other possibilities and am thus finding it hard to muster enthusiasm of any kind"? Hmmmm...probably not. Guess it's good that I just went with "No, I'm just low-key right now."
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You know what's annoying? When your boss wants you to look into changing a lease/rental option and you call the guy and ask some questions, relay the answers to your boss who has new questions so you call the guy and ask some new questions, relay the answers to your boss who has some new questions so you call the guy to ask some new questions, relay the answers to your boss who has some new questions.... I could save about an hour or two on my day if my boss would just pick up the %#&@* phone and call the guy himself and have one conversation.
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OK, I have this weird reaction to caffeine where sometimes I can have as much as I want and be just fine and sometimes a Coke at 9PM will have me up doing yoga at 3AM. As such I try to limit my intake.

But then, there's chocolate cravings...I had a couple pieces of chocolate today and I am BOUNCING OF THE WALLS. Much too hyper to sit in an office all day, but what do I have to do? Sit in an office all day. I swear, I'm sitting here bouncing up and down and giggling at nothing in particular and my hands are beginning to shake. Definite caffeine shock. Think I could claim it as an illness and go home "sick"? Go home meaning, of course, go outside and burn off all this excess energy in the beautiful weather we are having today.
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...or, how $100,000 isn't enough to keep Katy from making an ass of herself.

I filled an order the other day for, what I heard as, Consultants in Gastro and Neurology. I had her repeat it twice and then I read it back to her and yep, it was Gastro and Neurology. I'm thinking ok, they work on the stomach and the head? Sure, whatever. And I shipped the package.

Oops, it was gastroentronology. At least they'll get a laugh out of it. I know I did. In my defense, there was an accent involved, but still, way to go Katy. Way to prove you deserve the bio degree!
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'Cause I know you guys just can't get enough of these.

Anyway, last week, the boss decided he wanted to compare our weekly revenue trends to the DOW. So he has me place it in a spreadsheet then subtract this amount, multiply by this amount, shift it over by a few weeks and, I quote, "manipulate the data until it fits." And four years of science education reared back and hissed. He was so proud when a correlation showed up. I tried to tell him that if you fix the data, yeah there will be a correlation, but he didn't want to hear it. So after he left I ran a correlation test on the undoctored numbers. It was almost statistically significant, but not quite, and close just doesn't count in statistics. I think he just wants to use anything to calm himself over the fact that business sucks right now because the economy sucks right now. THere's a correlation for him.

Then, I took Friday off because my grandmother's out and she, my mom and I were going to have a girl's day. At 8:30 I wake up to our answering machine beeping away. I try to roll over and ignore it, but it's hard to ignore incessant beeping once you've been made aware of it. Sure enough, it's the office needing help finding something. SO I call in. "Oh, it's ok, we found it." "What were you looking for?" "Oh the labels we use to label the inventory." Now anybody who has read my journal can guess where they found these supplies. Yep, you got it, in the supply closet. So basically they called me sometime between 7 and 8:30 on my day off when any normal person would be asleep, to find something that should be (and was) in the first logical place to look for it. These people are too dependent, they need to grow up and learn to function on their own!!

OK, rant over.


May. 23rd, 2002 05:33 pm
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Have to gush for just a second. I have sent out 3 resumes so far and I already have a call back (as opposed to 1 in 15-20 right after graduation). I'm not hanging all my hopes on this one job or anything, even if it is a publishing company of medical and science materials in Boston. I'm just taking it as a very good sign
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Just had a conversation I wasn't expecting...at least not this soon. Basically, if the company's revenues keep diving as they have been, my boss is talking about making my position part-time and wanted to know if there have been any shifts in my long term plans. So I told him what I discovered last week, that I need to move back to the East Coast and I am looking now instead of waiting for grad school in Sept 2003.

Actually already found some really great positions so I will be tossing out some resumes tonight after work. I'm one of those people that hates the thought of change and hates initiating the change but once it occurs am content. So I'm in the stage I dislike right now, but am working towards a goal (for the first time in several months).

Anybody know of any jobs out East?
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I know, I know, all I do is complain about work, but 4 days and all that will stop...for awhile.

Anyway, I am stuck downstairs with two new people. Mostly they're getting everything done, but I'm the one they turn to with all their questions and I have stuff to do too! Rant, grumble, moan.

On a funny note, I was talking to the woman who has been taking time off due to her house flooding (and the reason we have all these new temps, albeit a damned good reason). Anyway she had a dream that when her first replacement, whom I really liked, left for gradschool (last week) I just got up at her farewell lunch and said "And I"m leaving too!" and walked out. So the boss' wife was frantically calling her to come back and stay there fulltime and she didn't know what to do 'cause she can't work full time and the boss' wife was just pissed as all hell at me because she had to quite her job so she could cover for me etc. etc. etc. Too funny. And to keep the dream from becoming a reality, I took last Friday as a "mental health day" and didn't go into work. With that and my vacation (did I mention 4 days?) All should be pretty well when I come back. Especially as there will only be about a month until my coworkers house is finished and she too will return!

Now, my only question is, will [livejournal.com profile] ercsk be completely out of character and actually meet up with [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm and I while we're in his neck of the woods.

4 days! 4 days! 4 days! 4 days!
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Got a call this morning from the boss-man (he's in Switzerland on a business trip). Basically he was sounding off on how in our time of hardship i.e. reprecussions of the economy, he wants to be sure that everybody shares the same vision of the company as him.

Um...my vision of the company is for it to stay in business to pay my paychecks until Sept. 2003 and after that I don't care. I'm sorry, is that wrong of me? I suppose I should care about the company, but this is just a job, it's not my career. It's my in-between job as I wait to go to grad school. I come, I do my work, but I just can't make myself care. As such, conversations like the above involve a lot of "Sure, uh-huh, yeah, yep, I can see that, sure, etc." on my part.
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Somebody give me a plausible excuse not to come into work tomorrow...
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Coworker standing right by the creamers - "I think it's time the coffee creamers that expired Feb 2 were thrown out." Looks at me, walks upstairs.

Coworker standing right by the box of paper, which is where it has been since I started working here - "Where can I get a ream of paper."

Coworker trying to mail some bills at the beginning of every single month- "Can you give me an envelope?" And every single time I show him where the envelopes are...suprise, in the supply closet.

I do not understand this inability to do anything for themselves. It's really not that hard. Maybe it's too far "beneath" them. Whatever it is, I hope they enjoy a week of self-reliance cause I'm not going to give them ANY way to contact me while I'm gone *insert evil cackle*


Apr. 29th, 2002 02:33 pm
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One of the women who used to work upstairs just called "incognito" to give me a line on another job. It's basically the same job I have but for a local magazine (Yeah for not selling business benchmarking reports). The base pay is $2 less than I make,not counting my new raise, but it's their "minimum" and they're looking for someone with experience and would pay accordingly. Plus, they're in Ft. Fun (Yeah for no commute). Definitely something I'll have to look into. Hmmmmmmmm...
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Nobody's buying and nobody's calling and there's nothing to do, but go home. Yipee!!


Apr. 10th, 2002 01:31 pm
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Bored out of my mind and ever-so frustrated. I'm back to the stage where I'm looking for a new job because this one is pissing me off so much. Found a really great position...in Westminster. Kind of defeats the purpose of living at home to save money if I spend all my money on gas and if I'm going to move, it sure as hell isn't going to be somewhere else in Colorado.

If I am being asked to absorb some of the job duties of one of the women who got laid off, am I justified in expecting a raise so my salary is a little closer to what her's was?

I need to spend less and save more. I've been pretty darn good with savings, but the better I get the sooner I can leave and I really am in the mood to leave. Remind me again why I thought putting off grad school 'til 2003 was a good idea?

I'm in a fairly deep rut socially as well, but then, if I lived somewhere else I wouldn't even have the social life I do now. How pathetic is that? How do you meet people without classes and dorms and all that stuff? All I have right now are the people I knew in high school and their college friends.

Basically just whine, gripe, moan, gripe, whine....somebody tell me something happy/funny to snap me out of the craptastic mood I have mired myself in. Please?
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Grrrrrrr.... I am very fed up with people interrupting me with a five minute rambling monologue of something they want me to do when it's something that I have already said I would do and, in fact would be accomplishing if that person wasn't going on and on about the specific details that need taken care of and why. I know my job damnit! And when it comes to that I know it better than you so if you actually want the task accomplished, shutup and let me get to work!
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I am just so utterly worn out that I am almost to the point of tears. The tedium of being stuck at work is not helping. Repeat after me: 33 days, 33 days, 33 days, 33 days... I can make it that long, right?


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