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I'm fine with roommates' boyfriends spending nights in the apartment. But, I'm sorry, when it comes to workday shower schedules, those who actually pay the rent take priority.

Not that I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the boyfriend to finish the world's longest shower or anything *grumble, grumble*

And odds are I'll have no hot water once I get in there. *grumble, grumble more*
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I love birthdays. I love my birthday and other people's birthdays and just...birthday, birthday, birthday *bounce, bounce, bounce* I know lots of people stop caring about (or having any desire to count) birthdays after 21, but that will never be me.

So my day today... Woke up and opened my cards from my folks and my present from [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm (Thank you!!). Off to work.

Work was fairly good in it's own right, no pre-big-event panic and the boss is leaving town tomorrow so there was the promise of respite. Received two dozen mixed color roses from my grad school buddies (which I learned later - after sending a thank you to all - was actually mostly from one friend, so I sent him a snail mail thank you as well). Had cake from my coworkers that was really yummy. Received lots of online birthday wishes throughout the day.

Then home, where the Roommates made dinner, but first had totally decorated the apartment with streamers and balloons and such. Got a gift certificate to the beading store (crafts!) and two books (books!) from Girl Roommate and Visiting Roomate respectively (the decorations were Boy Roommates present). Had yummy tacos and the world's laregest birthday cake, baked by Boy Roommate.

My parents present was a gift certificate to a day spa, which I am totally calling tomorrow for an appointment. I get a facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut and make-up over a 4.5 to 5 hour period...mmmmmmm pampering.

The rest of my evening was phonecalls (and sadly, missed phone calls - Sorry [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm).

So that's my birthday. Well that and a dinner out with as many people as I can manage on Sunday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
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I don't do that enough...start and finish a book in the same day. That used to be my weekend, every weekend, a book a day. It wasn't that great a book, just some fluff, but still it was nice to do.

I went shopping today with minor success. I need to get a white top for an event at work. We have to wear dark suits and white tops...I don't have any white tops that aren't men's Hanes v-neck t-shirts and somehow I don't think that will cut it. Still no top, but got a really great cardigan for really cheap. I love sweater weather. This is so very much my favorite time of year, nice sunny days but the need for a sweater or jacket to be totally comfortable at night. Still no white top though. I'll probably go by Kohl's next weekend to get something really inexpensive, because, as the total absence in my wardrobe would indicate, I don't wear much white normally.

Don't know if I've mentioned it, but Boy Roommate is talking about moving cross-country. I really don't want him to go a) because I'll miss him and B) because I don't want to have to find another roommate, but I can understand his need to leave and am actually trully wishing him luck (as opposed to saying "good luck," while keeping my fingers crossed that he has to stay here). As it turns out, though, Girl Roommate's Ex-Roommate is looking for a place starting about when Boy Roommate would be leaving (if he leaves). She came by to scope out the place and, like everyone, was blown away by the size. The only hurdle is convincing the landlord that she can bring her cat. He seems reluctantly willing to be convinced so fingers crossed.
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Girl Roommate was showering and then all of a sudden Boy Roommate and I hear this little voice say "Hello?"


Little voice goes on to wheedle, "I'm naked and I forgot my towel."

Ah....silly Girl Roommate.


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