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My upcoming trip back to CO has apparently slipped into my subconcious. Had one of those non-sensical world-mixing kinda dreams last night.

I was in Boston with my grad school crowd, but the school was more reminiscent of high school including a brand new building after year one. Plus a lot of my high school friends were around to the point that one high school friend (we'll call him George for later reference) and one grad school friend were roomies (and as my conscious mind analyzes that, I realize that the two of the would probably get along quite well).

Much weirdness with a dinner party that started in an idealized dining room in my apartment, moved to a dark room (as in photography) and then ended up on some patio high above the city. By the end, there was some serious flirtation going on between me and George. I would wonder about that, if there weren't for the fact that odds are 99% (if not steeper) that I will not be seeing George this trip. In fact, I don't think I've seen George in over five years and he doesn't even live in my home town anymore.

Anyway...fun with subconscious weirdness and now I've filled my LJ yearly quota of discussing at least one dream per year.
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They let me leave work early yesterday due to the whole migraine thing so I was actually able to cut it short by getting rest before it became a full-blown one. I was very happy.

Maybe the migraines are from stress too, because I'm still having my all to vivid dreams. Last night I dreamt I broke one of my legs, but for some reason the doctor put full leg casts on both but wouldn't give me crutches or a wheelchair so I had to hobble around. It was so lifelike I found myself thinking that if the doctor didn't take them off in time for my trip in May, I'd do it myself. I was quite suprised (and relieved) to wake up this morning sans casts.
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Well, the vivid dreams continue, but it wasn't high school this time (and there was much rejoicing). This time [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm and I were driving around LI on our way back from California to visit her mom, who was living in East Hampton. Well, we stopped for food in Bridgehampton and called her mom to tell here we spent too much time in California and wouldn't be able to stop by to see her (there was some brief side plot here with one of the designers from Tradings Spaces and Fred LeBlanc from Cowboy Mouth, but I can't remember much of it). So we told her mom we couldn't make it as we had to get to Pennsylvania where [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm's dad was living.

Aren't there times when you wish you could keep a dream analyst on hand?


Mar. 19th, 2002 07:39 am
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Nothing like 11 hours of sleep to cure what ails you...especially if what ails you is lack of sleep. Found myself trembling uncontrolably last night around 6:30 and decided that maybe a nap was in order. So my nap lasted til my alarm went off this morning. Big deal, I needed it.

Had another high school related dream. Nine out of ten of my dreams of late have had something to do with high school. I think it's a sign that I need to get out of town. 53 days, but who's counting?
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More strange dreams. Two guys from high school were putting me and my two friends (who had dated those guys in high school) through some sort of challenge. Harry Potter-esque room puzzles that we had to escape from. About halfway through we accidently busted into their kitchen where they assured me that I wouldn't have to do all the puzzles since I had to get up ealry in the morning (nice when reality steps into your dreams). So I end up walking home around dawn and I walk past this person's house who I am currently upset with and he's outside so I give him a piece of my mind and then wake up.

Last night's I was on some epic quest, kind of a Lord of the Rings on Pern with a Stranger in a Strange Land ending...can't really remember too much else, maybe I should stop staying up til midnight reading.
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It used to be that about midway to 3/4 through the semester I would start having wacked out, very vivid dreams. I figured due to the stress. Well, work must have finally caught up with my subconcious because DAMN I've been dreaming bunches and bunches.

There's only two that I can recall right now. The first I went back to Mystic Aquarium looking for a job (I did an internship there once). Saw all the people and such and then went "backstage" where it promptly turned into the lab I worked in in Quebec. I was speaking French to everybody. It's disturbing to dream in French when you don't speak the language.

Then last night I had one of those dreams that endlessly loop. I went to see funkbunny and Co. but everytime I tried to leave somebody would slice open my stomach and the dream would start over. I would always try to change what I did a little to prevent the ending but all it did was make it somebody new who cut me open. Finally when William H. Macy of Fargo fame slit me open I woke up. Odd.


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