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taerowyn ([personal profile] taerowyn) wrote2010-08-26 07:34 pm


About a month ago, I learned about this crazy cool contest the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry was running where someone would get the chance to *live* in the museum for a month.

I immediately thought of several friends who would rock at that, so I posted it on Facebook.

After a week or two of it percolating in my brain, I decided, screw my friends, *I* would rock at that.

Of course, by the time I decided to apply, the deadline was a looming so I scrambled to get materials together (even went so far as to go from just a little video knowledge to having know-how and equipment to shoot video and burn to DVD-player playable DVD in the course of a weekend).

Of course, being that rushed, it probably wasn't the best of work, so I didn't have that high of hopes. Hearing that 1,500+ applied and my hopes weren't any higher.

And I was right...got the rejection email today.

Not all that surprising, but I'm more bummed about it than I expected. Think that maybe it's less about losing the opportunity (which I didn't necessarily have and didn't expect) but losing that "what if...?" Cause I definitely have had moments over the past couple weeks of "What if..." and they've been fun to delve into. But alas, no more. :(

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