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Went to China Palace this weekend with some friends. I don't think I've been there since high school. We ordered drinks from the "Exotic Cocktails" list and discovered that "Exotic" must be chinese for "lots and lots of rum!"

Said goodbye to an old high school buddy. He's off to go backpacking around the Himalayas for seven weeks. How amazing is that? Another high school friend will be moving to Korea for a teaching job. And here I am, spending my days in glamorous Ft. Fun. Those apps to Imperial College and such are looking better and better. Just give me time...oh wait, I have too much of that...patience, I just need patience.


Jan. 9th, 2002 11:05 am
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Been thinking about The Future recently. Basically because I made a quasi-decision and it's too late now to reverse it as there's no way I could get my applicaion into Boston in time. Basically, I'm going to be taking an additional year off. On the one hand it's good:

  • I'll save up lots of money
  • I'll pay off more debt
  • I'll have more time to explore my options before setting my course.

I just hope I don't get sucked into the Fort Collins vaccuum to the point that I am unable to escape. And I hope that the whole "living with the folks" thing doesn't drive me completely insane. Yes, I could move out, but that would put a serious dent in item #1 up there and mean I'd have to stick around even longer before doing what I want to do.

So what are these "options" that I've been exploring? Well, as it turns out, there are several universities in Ireland and the UK that offer a Masters in Science Communication. Actually got in a conversation with the folks where THEY said "We've never understood why you and Joshua didn't do some international work/travel/study while you still are free to do so." So the wheels started turning and we'll see what happens. Hell, even if I still end up going to BU, at the rate I'm saving, a year and a half from now I'll have more than enough to take a great vacation before starting the semester.


Jan. 2nd, 2002 02:36 pm
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Reached into my back pocket and found a slightly laundered ticket stub from going to see The Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin. I'm ready to go back at any moment.

In that vein, been broadening my horizons beyond Boston, as in across the Atlantic beyond. Turns out Science Communication is a degree offered at a number of schools in Ireland and the UK. Hmmmmmmmm.


Nov. 15th, 2001 08:01 am
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I miss having this guy as a professor. He's a great writer, a funny guy, and usually has something intelligent to say. A rare quality in this day and age. Anyway, it's a good article, enjoy.
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Just finished reading a book called The Invisible Circus last night. It's about a girl who follows her sister's footsteps to Europe eight years after her sister had died there. The familial/death part wasn't really what got to me though, it was the travel and self-discovery aspect that really touched a nerve. Every once in awhile (usually as I'm commuting to work, go figure), I think about how much I just want to pack up and go somewhere...explore the world, visit places I've never been or haven't been since I was young.

That feeling is quickly squelched though...internal dialogue something like what follows:

I should do it, I should just pack up and go.

Yeah, but it costs money.

So? I have money put away in savings.

But that's money for school...for your future.

Fuck my future, I can get more money later, when am I ever going to be this free to just pack up and explore?

That's just so irresponsible, I can't believe you're thinking of throwing away your education, both the one you have and the one you plan to get.

It's not throwing it away, it's putting it on the side for a little while.

"A little while" my ass, you know the longer you stay out of scholl the less and less likely it is you'll go back. Go AFTER grad school.

Sigh, but I don't even know when grad school is going to be, and let's face it, it just boils down to me being too chickenshit to go. Too afraid to break the norm, too afraid to take the chance, too afraid to try to explain to the parents (Dear God I can only imagine). So instead I will continue to read such books and every couple of days wistfully peruse some travel website or another.

Speaking of which, Eeyorekdm...the package we used at Spring Break is available again. Can't you just hear Dingle a-callin'?


Oct. 24th, 2001 12:43 pm
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Work is agonizingly slow today. I have all the orders filled and all the domestic mailing done already. Usually we don't get the mailing done until right before I leave. It doesn't help that I can't work on the international stuff. We received a box yesterday that we BELIEVE is all our international mailing from last week. We used to mail our brochures in envelopes, but the boss figures that nobody is going to open an envelope they forgot they asked for with the whole Anthrax thing, so now we just stick a label and postage right on the brochure and send it that way. I don't think it worked for the international mail. Oh well, the old way was easier and we have a heck of a lot more of it already stuffed and in stock.

I'm sure that made minimal sense to most, but I understood.

Thanks to all of you who were nice enough to do my religion questionnaire. The paper is due a week from tonight so depending on how it turns out I will post it, send it to everybody who replied or pretend I never wrote it (if it turns out crappy).

My mom found an alumni of BU's school of communiction who "would love to write a letter of recommendation when the time comes." Unfortunately, I am no longer sure when "the time" is. I initially thought that I would for sure be re-applying this year, but there's some issues with that:

1. I was put on the waiting list and declined this year, for lack of official writing experience, I'm sure. That experience has not been increasing at all, so even if I just scrape by and get accepted, I probably won't get aid, which means I can't afford it.

2. Since money is an issue it seems better to take at least one more year of and work and save and work and save and work and save.

3. Oh and with that saving, try to whittle away at the massive amount of debt I've already accrued in student loans.

But there's also the part of me that says "GO NOW!" because the longer you put it off, the less likely it is you'll go and the more likely it is that your head will explode from living with your parents again. Decisions decisions.

OOOO lunchtime soon and then only two more hours of work and I am outta here. (My schedule sucks driving to work at 6:30 in the morning, but come 4:00 in the afternoon and I'm glad I do it!!)
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OK, so I'm taking a continuing ed class in writing feature articles. I'm trying to get my journalism side of science journalism beefed up a bit so next time I apply to BU I can get off the f$&#ing waiting list and actually get accepted.
ANYWAY, on to the point, for the class I am writing an article on religion and "the youth of America" or however you want to phrase it. Basically just how religion for young people has branched way beyond Judeo-Christian roots of the past. So I am interviewing some people face to face, but I figure the best way to get a really broad sampling would be to write my questions here as well.

Now, before I begin, there is a chance that this story could, beyond being a class assignment, get published in a local monthly paper so fair warning. If you want you can tell me to change your name...the little disclaimer "some pepole's named changed for their protection" etc.

First the basics:

Location (At least state, city would be prefered)?
Do you want your name changed for the article?

And now the real questions:

1. What faith were you raised with?
2. How did you feel about it at the time?
3. How do you feel about it now?
4. What is your current faith?
5. Why did you stay or change?
6. If you changed, what did you look for when choosing your new
7. What does your current faith hold for you? What does it mean to you? Why is it important in your life?
8. What does it entail? What are the common practices/beliefs of your religion?
9. How devout would you consider yourself?
10. How does it relate to your daily life?
11. How does religion affect your relationships? Does it affect
your choice in partners and if so, how?
12. How do you view religion in America (i.e. Freedom of...,
Separation of Church and State etc.)

So if you are interested in helping out here (please, please help out here), then you can either answer in the comments, or if you would like it to reamin private you can email me at taerowyn@hotmail.com.

Thanks a bunch!!


May. 11th, 2001 11:38 pm
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OK, I'm just full of all sorts of thoughts and have to hit the purge button before I explode. I just had my last day of undergraduate classes today. My last day ever. How scary is that?! I am getting a degree in a little over a week. Me!?!?!? Can I tell you how much I am loving the big void that I am standing over...or not. Yeah, that's just not something I am going to be able to handle right now.
So I'm leaving LI, I don't think that concept has fully sunk in yet. I know lots of people have preconceived notions of Long Island, and though some of them are true, the area I am in is so gorgeous and has been home for so long that I'm going to have issues leaving.
Too many fragments of the spirit have I scattered in these streets, and too many are the children of my longing that walk naked among these hills, and I cannot withdraw without a burden and an ache. Khalil Gibran

I'm going to miss the place: the ocean (of course), the fog, the windmill, Montauk Hwy (a nice long, windy road that is a blast to drive), THE dune, living so close to the ends of the earth (it's within driving distance), and other countless locales that have come to mean so much over the years.
So if I'm having trouble leaving the place, you can imagine how I feel about the people. ESPECIALLY Kim. Even just thinking about it now is making me tear up. She is, without a doubt, the best friend I have ever had. I know we'll never lose touch or anything like that, but it is going to be quite an adjustment not seeing each other every day. Not something I can think about right now...there seems to be a number of those.
Well, I'm feeling a little less full and I want to go sailing in the morning, so it's bedtime for Katy. Night all!
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I swear my room exploded while I wasn't looking. Or maybe the tiny angry elves came back and decide to demolish things. Either way, I think tomorrow would be a good day for a refresher course in "what my floor actually looks like." Would be an especially good idea as next week I have to pack my whole life up and haul it back across the country for the last time...well for the last time from lovely L.I.

Should hit the computer lab soon and print up the god-awful reaction paper that I just wrote for journalism, but then that would take initiative and stuff. Who needs that?

Working on my final project for photo. It's a photo-essay. Five pics and a paper that all sum up to one "Self-portrait." I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Got a pic of me and my two best friends, a pic of my journal, a pic of some erlenmeyer flasks, a pic of a whole bunch of Terry Pratchett books, and a pic of the Tao Te Ching with my little statue on it. THe first is self explanatory. The journal is for all my journaling time, both here and in real life and for my hopeful career in writing. Got the flasks for science, of course. The books because I always have a book with me and they're Terry Pratchett cause I re-read about one a week and it says something about my sense of humor which is a HUGE part of me so has to be in my self-portrait. And the Tao Te Ching because of my belief system and all that schtuff.

K, put it off long enough, should probably get a move on.


May. 6th, 2001 02:15 am
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I SHOULD be in bed right now, but then "Sixteen Candles" is on and I can never resist an 80's John Hughes movie. I was thinking today that someday I'll have to rent all of them so I can see the unedited versions, see if anything cool was cut out in order to fit the commercials in.

Been a movie watching fiend tonight. Started with "The Third Miracle," which was fairly cool. All about Ed Harris, a priest in the middle of a crisis of faith, investigating the possibility of a woman's sainthood. Odd topic for me, but a good movie. I find it strange that my two Christian friends, one a non-practicing Catholic and one a church-going Protestant, come to me when they have questions about the Bible. To clarify, the closest name you could put on my belief system is Taoism. My question is, this book is the basis of your whole belief system, how can you NOT have read the thing?

Hmmm, this is a rather random scattering of thoughts, but then I've always been a random kinda girl. Just found out that Survivor II ended last night. If only that meant the end of it all, but I know there's no such luck. Have a friend who is applying...so is her brother. I really don't see her making it, but who knows, myabe they'll go for the whole sibling angle, it's something new. Makes me think what would happen if Josh and I ever lost our senses completely and ended up on the show. I don't have the imagination to fill in the blanks of what would happen (I bet Josh will though), but I'm sure it would be interesting.

Had an interesting evening last night; it was our Senior Dinner. Basically Southampton's answer to a senior prom. Picture a prom...got that image in your head? OK, now add to the mix of heels, ties, petty cattiness, soap operas, dancing and general hovoc...a four-hour open bar. Yeah, it was interesting to say the least. Ah well, what's college for if not alcohol induced stupidity. What's that you say? Education?! Oh, to laugh...where have you been?

OK, movie is over and can't find anything else on so I'm going to read a little Terry Pratchett and then sleep.
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So it appears my brother's online journaling tendencies are spreading in plague-like proportions. There's me; some synwave person who by careful deduction I have found is someone named Paul...possibly one of Schwa's numerous friends I have met, then again, possibly not; and skunk who turns out to be Schwa's buddy/ex-roomie Mike who feels that I can never compare to my brother. Ah well, in many ways I suppose I never will, but at least I know there are more than two classes of living organisms (Sorry, bro, couldn't resit :-P ).

Went sailing yesterday. Do you know how cool that statement is? I went SAILING yesterday. Sigh I am going to miss this school. I'll miss the beach a five to ten minute drive in any direction. I'll miss being out on the boats for research, lab, or for the hell of it (the best of all, of course). I'll miss dorm life, strange but true (but I will NOT miss dorm food). It's kind of sad that these four years are already over. Didn't I just graduate from good ol' FCHS about a year ago? Feels like it. I should point out that if you take the virtual tour at FCHS you will find that although the band hall may be dead, it still survives in cyberspace.

So now what? Don't I wish I knew. CU "definitely wants [me]." Unfortunately, I definitely want to go to Boston and they only have me on their waiting list. I hate this limbo crap. I would much rather have had them say no because at least then I would KNOW what was going on. This in between shit is driving me up the wall.

Hmmmm...I have tutoring in an hour and my time out in the sun has made me sleppy so I think it's naptime for Katy.
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Ah, 6:40 in the morining, rarely seen and even more rarely appreciated. So why am I up this early you ask? Well, I live in an old, shitty dorm (Oh, pardon me, I meant "Residence Hall") that currently has a faulty sensor on the fire alarm. If I'm going to be awakened at 5:00 in the morning I'm at least going to make good use of it and go see the sunrise at the beach. I won't have too many more opportunities to do that. Then there's the trip to 7's for coffee. I'm actually over my residual anger over the alarms (Note the plural there) just based on the fact that they had Blueberry coffee at 7's (tastes A LOT better than it sounds). Life can be good at 6:40 in the morning. Rarely, but it happens.

So I'm up, what to do? Been cruising some interesting media accountability sites, an issue that's been on my brain as of late. Found one that I basically see as what my brother would do if he ever became a journalist. Kind of a mix of The Onion with actual looks at the real world. Who needs to make up the news when you have stuff like this?

Of course there's always those going on about the horrors of the left-wing, liberal press. There are those that think Dan Rather was completely biased towards the left when he said:
"President Bush insisted today that he was not caving in to big money contributors, big-time lobbyists, and overall industry pressure when he broke a campaign promise to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. But the air was thick today with accusations from people who believe that’s exactly what happened."
OK, let's look at this statement. Did President Bush insist he wasn't caving in? Why, yes he did. Were people accusing him otherwise? Why yes they were. So where's the bias? As far as I can see, this a completely objective and accurate statement. What are these people bitching about? The media isn't giving Bush a bad name, he's doing that fine and dandy on his own.

Although there are always the old stand-bys of Project Censored and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting to fall back on, there are some highly specialized "media watch dog groups." For instance there's Truth in America who, despite their high-faluting name, are completely focused on the media's portrayl of the Monica Lewinsky scandal...OK folks, let it go. Or if you really want highly specialized, and highly opposing sites check out Palestine Media Watch and CAMERA. The U.S. media apparently has it all wrong. We're too biased towards the Israelis...no, the Palestinians...no, the Israelis...no, the Palestinians...my head hurts!!

Hmmmmm...it's been about an hour since I started this. No I don't type that slow, just been multi-tasking. Terry Pratchett is a-calling me and so is my homework. Let's start placing bets as to who wins.
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Just finished a presentation on Project Censored and my prof says..."Good Job! I'm seeing Carl Jensen [founder of the Project] tomorrow and will give him your paper." Um, please don't. I wrote that paper in all of three hours the day before it's due. It's a piece of crap and I REALLY don't want it to be the first bit of my work someone like Carl Jensen sees. Sigh.

OK on to less self-absorbed subjects and back to Project Censored. They recently released their latest top censored stories in the US media. It's at times like this that I wonder about my goal of becoming a journalist. Everybody knows reporters are scum, right? Well, I can at least try to either overcome the crap in the mainstream media (pshaw) or work for the alternative press. I know, I know I said LESS self-absorbed...OK so this years list:
1. World Bank and Multinational Corporations Seek to Privatize Water
2. OSHA Fails to Protect U.S. Workers
3. U.S. Army's Psychological OPerations Personnel Worked at CNN
4. Did the U.S. deliberately Bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?
5. U.S. Taxpayers Underwrite Global Nuclear Power Plant Sales
6. International Report Blames U.S. and others for Genocide in Rwanda
7. Independent Study Points to Dangers of Genetically Altered Foods (Dismissed by Media and Biotech Industry)
8. Drug Companies Influence Doctors and Health Organizations to Push Meds
9. EPA plans to Disburse Toxic/Radioactive Wastes into Denver's Sewage System
10. Silicon Valley Uses Immigrant Engineers to Keep Salaries Low

OK...so some nice commentary:
1. If you read the article it's all about how such fine, upstanding companies as Monsanto and Bechtel are trying to buy the water right's of entire city's and are then selling the water at for-profit prices. In other words those with the money, get a substance that is ESSENTIAL TO LIFE and those who are poor...don't. Tank Girl, anyone?

2. All I can say is, shocker. As the article points out, OSHA has 2,300 inspectors who are expected to cover the over 102 million workers in America. That's one inspector for every 45,000 worker or so. Yeah, that's going to work out well.

3. OK, now this one just makes my head want to explode. Can we say conflict of interest maybe? They even admit to controlling the coverage of the conflict in Kosovo (incidentally, whatever happened to the word war? People are blowing each other up, but if the U.S. gets involved it's a police action, a conflict, or some other lame code word for war.) And, they complained that they weren't able to limit as much information as they wanted to. So much for a free press and the people's right to know and all those archaic, out of place ideals that have no place in today's modern world.

4. YES!!!! Well, duh!

5. Hey guys, U.S. citizen's have taken NIMBY too far so we'll just use their money to destroy the world somewhere else *insert evil laughter here*

6. A reporter's decision...Bill Clinton lied about his sex life or he lied about the deaths of between 500,000 and 800,000 people. Hmmmm, tough call. It used to be "If it bleeds, it leads," which, shameful as it is, would at least have covered this story. Now it's "Sex sells best" or some other badly made rhyme (hey, I'm trying). Adultery in a President I can deal with, I don't care how the man got his rocks off, but turning a blind eye to genocide?

7. OK, as far as the second part of the headline, well duh! Of course the biotech industry is going to dismiss the research. But what's really interesting about this guy's research is that he was able to prove that it wasn't the trait that was engineered for that was causing the problem, it was the actual process of genetic alteration itself. Meaning ANYTHING that has been genetically altered using the same process (which is basically the process used everywhere) will cause the same damage.

8. Psssssstt! Hey buddy, want to buy some Prozac?

9. OK, CO native here. You want to do WHAT?!?!

10. This ones kind of anticlimactic after everything else. Immigrant labor has been in the news for years, how is it "censored?" But then, that's just me.

OK so that was a tirade to rival my brother's so I should probably shut-up now.
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OK, so I have a real journal that I never keep up to date and I've been doing stream of consciousness stuff in word for awhile now, but my brother go onto live journal and I thought hmmmmm...maybe that will be a nice happy medium. I'll probably still stick to the good old fashion pen and paper one seeing as it's portable, but there's always those times when thoughts flow faster than ink can and typing is the closest you can come.
Now is NOT one of those times as I don't have much to think about other than the massive amounts of work I have to do. And hey, this is going to be fun procrastination material as well as I'll be at my computer, yet accomplishing nothing. Isn't procrastination fun?
Have to tutor tonight. I hate tutoring, especially physics. I don't know why I agreed to do it, oh wait, yes I do...because most of the time i just end up getting paid to do my homework. But I know that's not going to be the case tonight because they have a test tomorrow. Grrrrrrr...I hate physics.
So, what else to ramble on and on about. For anybody who is reading this, and I doubt anybody is, this is going to be less of a journal and more of a stream of consciousness. Basically I just sit down and type and keep typing and don't stop typing even when i run out of things to say. It's just a very good purge button (as opposed to bulimia which I always thought was a little strange and a lot gross). Oops, I stopped typing, I'm not allowed to do that, even if i stop thinking.
Strange thing happened yesterday. One of the big dumb animals from upstairs (aka the lacrosse players) came down yesterday and was listening at everybody's doors. He finally came to my room and said "Is that coming from in here?" "That" being the song "I will find you" from Clannad. I said yes. "Wow, I've never heard Clannad being played in this dorm before. They are so amazing." OK, so big dumb animal is not so dumb. I'm impressed. I'm still not going to assume that that means they're ALL a bit more than the seem although I probably should be more open-minded. But, you;ll have to excuse me, it's hard to be kind and generous to a thundering herd of jocks when they live above you.
Oops!! I'm going to be late for tutoring if I don't get a move on...fun fun fun.


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