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I've been trying to avoid posting on Palin cause there's just so, so much...but COME ON!

Do you really need to spin so bad that you can't name one single periodical you read? (And no..."all of them" doesn't count as an answer.) Just name one...anything. Even if it is just the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman of Wasilla, AK. SOMETHING!
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I don't even know where to begin discussing the continuing evidence of FOX's stupidity in that they broadcasted the address of a California home as being that of a terrorist...as opposed to the five-member suburban family that actually lives there.

For the last 2 1/2 weeks, the lives of the couple and their three children have been plunged into an unsettling routine of drivers shouting profanities, stopping to photograph their house and — most recently — spray-painting a slogan on their property.

Their house, a suburban fixer-upper the Voricks bought three years ago, was wrongly identified in a cable news broadcast as the home of a terrorist.

"I'm scared to go to work and leave my kids home. I call them every 30 minutes to make sure they're OK," Randy Vorick said.

"I keep telling myself this can't be happening to me. This can't be happening to my family. But it is. I want our lives to be normal again," he said.

In what Fox News officials concede was a mistake, John Loftus, a former U.S. prosecutor, gave out the address Aug. 7, saying it was the home of a Middle Eastern man, Iyad K. Hilal, who was the leader of a terrorist group with ties to those responsible for the July 7 bombings in London.

Hilal, whom Loftus identified by name during the broadcast, moved out of the house about three years ago. But the consequences were immediate for the Voricks.

OK...first of all...why broadcast the address? Even if you were right and Hilal did live there, I'm pretty sure innocent until proven guilty still applies here. All you would have managed to do was send a bunch of idiots to harrass the guy clueing him into the fact that he'd been identified. Which, would you look at that, totally undermines your excuse of doing it "to help local police." Ummm no....helping local police would have been calling them, saying "I have ____ info that links this guy to London and the best I know is you can find him here," not broadcasting it over the air where any idiot with a TV can hear you and act.

Now let's get to the fact that you GOT THE INFORMATION WRONG! Now, instead of sending the idiots (who apparently can't even spell terrorist) after somebody who you have evidence showing they might be guilty...you sent them after a totally innocent family. Now you've basically arranged for a family to be harrassed and vandalized and...oh, again, would you look at that... terrorized in their own home.

Now, having made such a monumental error, do they recant it on the same show, reaching the same audience and thus making progress towards at least attempting to fix the situation? Nah...why do that? Much better to just send a quick, private email of apology and a one line note in the local paper and call it a day. Things will sort themselves out in the end, right?

Yeah, FOX really needs to go away soon...I'm not even going to start in on certain members of their viewing audience (though the phrase sycophantic sheep does come to mind at this time).
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I haven't talked about it before, but for those of you who don't know, the Department of Defense is supporting a Freedom Walk on 9/11 to "remember the victims, honor our veterans, past and present, and celebrate our freedom." Of course, in order to celebrate your freedom, you're required to register your name, address, email, and phone number. But really, other than that…it's all about freedom man.

Anyway, the big controversy was that the Washington Post was offering free advertisements to help sponsor the event. Apparently, the corporate heads of the WP didn't see a conflict of interest in sponsoring a government institution that they spend so much time covering. Their excuse?
The event was never presented to The Post as a rally to support the war. We would be disappointed if it took that approach.

Right, so the government organization that's currently waging a war that your paper is covering is having a walk to commemorate 9/11, an event they've tried their damnedest to link to said war and you don't think it's a rally to support the war. Are we being naïve or just willfully blind?

Anyway, the good news is that, after much protesting from "members of the antiwar movement and by journalists in the paper's own newsroom" the WP has pulled it's sponsorship and is donating money to the Pentagon Memorial Fund instead. I have to laugh at the new line though:
As it appears that this event could become politicized, The Post has decided to honor the Washington area victims of 9/11 by making a contribution directly to the Pentagon Memorial Fund.

As it appears the event has become politicized?! Riiiiight. Even the DOD's response to the pullout proves this was always a political event: an opportunity to remember the victims and their families, to reflect on the sacrifices made by our troops and to recommit to the work still ahead. (Emphasis is mine).

Anyway, if anybody out there is as interested in what's going on in the world of mainstream media as I am (Things like this, or Keith Olbermann getting blasted by his boss for his Peter Jennings commentary) you should totally be checking out Romenesko at Poynter.org
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I'm sick of it.

I've been reading all day. Hopping from the flist to the Boston communities where they're updating about weirdness on the T (evacuations, derailed trains) and back to the flist. A little worried, but fine.

See people on the flist asking to hear from their Londoner friends (most with London ties on my list are far enough out not to have been affected and have all checked in). Reading about the concerns, reading about the people checking in and who is looking and who is still MIA...friends of friends and even more distantly related but it still hurts to read.

And just...yeah, tears, for no real reason other than I'm sick of this. I'm sick of the fear. Some of it's pointless, but some of it is quite real. Just last night saw an ad for the local news with a story about how there's no guarantee that the Coast Guard can fully do their job. Mindless fear-mongering, cause guess what? There's no guarantee anywhere. Coast Guard, harbors, cargo that isn't x-rayed, the border between the US and Canada, last week's story about bioterrorism and the milk supply, and on and on and on... there are no guarantees.

And then we have today. Yet another mindless attempt by mindless, heartless, soulless people to send a message in blood that, yes, heightens the fear, but also heightens resolve. After a week of Wimbledon and Olympics, sportsmanship and brotherhood, a nation is knocked back into fear by hatred and yet the world turns. Sadder, bleaker and a little darker, but still moving on and still rising up and still yelling "screw you" at the top of our lungs cause fear only works for a little while but the resolve is hard to break and you may paint the world a darker shade today but tomorrow the sun will rise and yours will not be the message that lasts.

Doubt any of that made sense, but here's something that does, for those that need the info:

People who have checked in A-M
People who have checked in N-Z
People still unaccounted for
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People are sick.

A young raccoon was found dead and dismembered Wednesday morning in the same area of east Boulder where a squirrel was impaled with a metal pole and two fawns were chased and possibly beaten by a group of children....authorities determined the raccoon died from four stab wounds to the chest and neck. The dismemberment, which included its back legs being broken before they were severed, happened after the animal's death...a dead squirrel was found on 34th Street with a metal pole shoved down its throat and an eyeball gouged out.

Who does this kind of thing?!
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When I came home from work a little before 5, the man next door was starting his sprinklers.

I just let the dog out now (10 o'clock) and they're still going.

Five HOURS of watering?! What part of drought is hard to understand?
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You know what's annoying? When your boss wants you to look into changing a lease/rental option and you call the guy and ask some questions, relay the answers to your boss who has new questions so you call the guy and ask some new questions, relay the answers to your boss who has some new questions so you call the guy to ask some new questions, relay the answers to your boss who has some new questions.... I could save about an hour or two on my day if my boss would just pick up the %#&@* phone and call the guy himself and have one conversation.
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'Cause I know you guys just can't get enough of these.

Anyway, last week, the boss decided he wanted to compare our weekly revenue trends to the DOW. So he has me place it in a spreadsheet then subtract this amount, multiply by this amount, shift it over by a few weeks and, I quote, "manipulate the data until it fits." And four years of science education reared back and hissed. He was so proud when a correlation showed up. I tried to tell him that if you fix the data, yeah there will be a correlation, but he didn't want to hear it. So after he left I ran a correlation test on the undoctored numbers. It was almost statistically significant, but not quite, and close just doesn't count in statistics. I think he just wants to use anything to calm himself over the fact that business sucks right now because the economy sucks right now. THere's a correlation for him.

Then, I took Friday off because my grandmother's out and she, my mom and I were going to have a girl's day. At 8:30 I wake up to our answering machine beeping away. I try to roll over and ignore it, but it's hard to ignore incessant beeping once you've been made aware of it. Sure enough, it's the office needing help finding something. SO I call in. "Oh, it's ok, we found it." "What were you looking for?" "Oh the labels we use to label the inventory." Now anybody who has read my journal can guess where they found these supplies. Yep, you got it, in the supply closet. So basically they called me sometime between 7 and 8:30 on my day off when any normal person would be asleep, to find something that should be (and was) in the first logical place to look for it. These people are too dependent, they need to grow up and learn to function on their own!!

OK, rant over.
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Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets. I hate pick-up drivers who keep their dogs in the bed of the truck especially when there's all sorts of space in the cab. On the way to work today I saw a guy on the highway with a beagle-sized dog in the bed of his truck and nobody else in the cab. If you're going to be going 75mph, put the poor dog in the cab. Sheesh!
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Coworker standing right by the creamers - "I think it's time the coffee creamers that expired Feb 2 were thrown out." Looks at me, walks upstairs.

Coworker standing right by the box of paper, which is where it has been since I started working here - "Where can I get a ream of paper."

Coworker trying to mail some bills at the beginning of every single month- "Can you give me an envelope?" And every single time I show him where the envelopes are...suprise, in the supply closet.

I do not understand this inability to do anything for themselves. It's really not that hard. Maybe it's too far "beneath" them. Whatever it is, I hope they enjoy a week of self-reliance cause I'm not going to give them ANY way to contact me while I'm gone *insert evil cackle*
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I am so amazingly angry right now, and I'm not even Catholic. The priests came to a "decision" that they would only defrock "a priest 'who has become notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory, sexual abuse of minors.'"

That is such an empty load of crap. So basically they can just go back to they way it was and cover up offenders passing them from parish to parish until they get widely known as molesters and only THEN punish them, meanwhile pat themselves on the back for "accomplishing something."

I am so livid at the moment I can barely type. Basically they're saying "one child doesn't really matter, we have to protect the priests and the Church," the same misguided, messed up, horribly irresponsible stance they've had for years.


Apr. 22nd, 2002 03:50 pm
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There is no food IN my desk, I have no food ON my desk and I am drinking water...so why, oh why, is my desk full of ants?? It's very disturbing to be typing away and then have an ant crawl out between the keys of your keyboard. I just have psychological itches all over.
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So, as some of you know I had some surgery in June. Insurance covered it as it was for health reasons. Well, part of the scar tissue is all bunched up and big. Now that all the healing is done, my surgeon says he can just do a little "nip and tuck" to fix that. It's no big procedure, just an out patient thing, slice it open a little and a few stitches, but still...needles and scalpels and stitches oh my! So I finally get the nerve up to say, sure, let's do it and the stupid insurance won't cover it because it's for cosmetic purposes.

I realize it's very naive and rose-colored glasses of me to expect otherwise, but I figure if they pay for the initial surgery they should also pay to put me back together as best as possible. GRRRRRRR! So now I am rethinking whether or not I want to go through with it because not only do I have to get up the nerve to go back under the knife, I also have to get up the funds.
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And at the same time, I've accomplished quite a bit today. It just seems that time is moving so sl-o-o-o-o-o-ow. Probably because yesterday I was IMing Kim and Jay from school. Much more entertaining. Especially as I was planning a visit at the same time. I NEED to get out of this town. I have been in Colorado for almost a year straight now. Gah! For somebody who hasn't spent more than 3 consecutive months in the same state for the past 4 years, it's a little confining. I want to go someplace!!! I want to see all my NY friends!!! But most of all I want out of this town for a little while. Nothing really important to say, just needed to rant.


Feb. 21st, 2002 01:32 pm
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So is random inept stupidity a perk of being human or is it just one of the joys of being me?

I'm strapped for cash this month as the boss decided that biweekly paychecks is too much of a pain in the ass and we should switch to monthly, which is fine in concept except for the transition month as I"m trying to stretch two weeks salary over a month without dipping into savings. So when I got an insurance reimbursement I was happy.

Ran errands at lunch today post office, bank etc. Got to the bank and the check had disappeared. Yep, you guessed it, brilliant person that I am, I deposited it in the mailbox with all my mail. ARGH!!

Called the Post Office, they said they'd see what they can do, but I"m just pissed at myself for my stupidity. GRRRRR!
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Hmmm, I have, yet again, met a person whom I can not please no matter what. Had this issue with a college "friend" who, from my point of view, one day decided I could do no right and from that day on went out of her way to find things to get pissed about. Well, joy of joys, it turns out one of my coworkers has the same personality!!

Today, I asked one of the girls up stairs (there are two, one is nice, one is the person who I cannot please, I asked the nice one) if she wouldn't mind covering the phones tomorrow morning so I could watch a family friend run with the Olympic Torch. She said sure. A little later she emailed to ask when I would be in. I said I'd take a half day and work 12 to 4 (my normal hours are 7-4). She replied saying that both she and the other girl (hates me) were leaving at 2 so somebody needed to cover the phones 4-5. I said sure, I'll work from 1 to 5 instead. About an hour later the girl who dislikes me so comes stomping down the steps and says "We'd appreciate it if you gave us more than one days warning when you're going to be gone!" and then stamps upstairs.

OK, wait a minute, yes, I admit I should have talked to them sooner, but I forgot, but did they give me any warning that I would have to cover 4-5? NO! Had I not emailed them about my schedule change I might never have found out. Screw her!

Really, I'm not being as petty as this seems, I swear. There is a lot of history here, but this was just the final straw. Part of it, I'm sure, is that I am not losing my job while she is though she's been here longer. So on the one hand I'm sympathetic... and on the other I can't WAIT for her last day!
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Stupid, STUPID work. I think I finally passed that grace period where I liked my job. I mean the work itself was ok, but the people were cool and there were lots of nice fringe benefits to enjoy. But now:

  • My favorite person got fired.
  • The manner in which she got fired makes me REALLY not happy with my boss.
  • Everybody suddenly realized how much she was taking care of so now they're asking me to do that...cause you know, I don't have my own work to do.
  • My schedule just got moved from 7 to 4 to 8 to 5. Probably doesn't sound like much, but it means a hell of a lot more traffic to deal with.
  • The only reason my schedule got shifted is because the girls upstairs are on "flex-time" and "need to have the freedom to leave whenever they want" despite the fact that they're here til 5 about 90 fuckin' percent of the time.

So yes, Katy is now perusing the classifieds. I'm going to give the new situation some time to settle down before I make any decisions; let the fresh anger and consternation disipate a bit. But at the moment, I am really not enjoying the environment I'm in. I think as payback for how my friend was let go, I should leave with 0 days notice. I mean the girl randomly came in on her day off to get some stuff done and she got fired. What kind of a load of crap is that?!?
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So my boss tells me that as manager of my department all staffing decisions are up to me. I tell him my decision and "Well, what I was thinking was..." and he describes the exact opposite of what I had decided. If you are going to tell me to make the decision, stick by my decision damnit. I did talk him into it, rather reluctantly, after explaining why I thought my way was better. Of course now if it backfires I'm completely screwed. And I wanted to stay here how much longer?


Jan. 11th, 2002 03:16 pm
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Dod Gamn Fother Mucking Bon of a Sitch!!!!!!!!! (Yes I can say that just as fast as the regular way) If he doesn't end up killing himself, I'M going to kill my father. Just got a call from mom, because she just got a call from dad. Apparently he spent 3 hours in the Boulder emergency room today. Yeah, Dad! Let's go on a tour of the emergency rooms of northern Colorado. They think it was just leftover reaction from yesterday...great, so how long are these "leftovers" going to last. Probably didn't help that he decided to go to work even though he was told to rest. The man needs to learn how to take care of himself. He's got the healthy eating and excercise thing down, now let's just work on the getting rest when you need to, listening to your doctors, and knowing when to take a break. GAH!!!

Sorry, had to vent. Anyway, Schwa, don't panic, he is on his way home right now and we are under strict orders not to berate him, tempting though it may be. I think I'll hide his car keys AND his computer this weekend. He is going to REST this weekend, goddamnit!
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I'm here at work, waiting for the Fed-Ex man. What joy!! I have all my work done and should be on my merry way home, but no, the fed-ex man is almost an hour late and as I am the only one left downstairs, I get to sit on my ass and wait...and wait and wait and wait. It's Friday afternoon DAMNIT!!! I want out of here!!
Sigh, I don't even have a good book with me because we had a lunch meeting so I knew I wasn't going to be able to read at lunch.
There's all sorts of minial little tasks I could get working on, but eh...
So instead I will babble away. Never mind. He's HERE!!!! Let the weekend begin.


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