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Nothing like a Cowboy Mouth concert to leave you content with your life.

The played a few new songs. I wasn't too sure about the first two, but loved the last one. The chorus includes the lines:

She had to go because
She didn't know who Joe Strummer was



Jul. 16th, 2002 12:37 pm
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Whenever I have a particularly violent sneeze, I always think of a scene in on of the first "3rd Rock from the Sun" episodes.

Sally (Kristen Johnston) sneezes and one of the guys asks her what the heck that was. She leans up against a wall with a fairly sated expression on her face and says "I don't know, but I want another one."
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Happy Birthday to my journal! Just think, as I was first starting out here on LJ, [livejournal.com profile] prettykate was off punching a hole in her belly. See, it's all connected...or something.
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I used to keep a journal where every night I'd write about three things that day that made me happy. I kind of miss that, but here's a variation, an amusing moment for the day. On my way to work I had to drop off some rented tapes and right in the center of the parking lot was a roosting Candian Goose. She/He was just calmly sitting in the center of the parking lot acting as though it was a nest by a lake. Didn't even move when I drove by. I guess it's just the little things that keep me amused.
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There's just something about Mondays. Last week I went home with a killer migraine and I feel another one coming on. Maybe it's the transition of freedom and activity to staring at a screen for eight hours. Well, whatever it is, it does not a happy Katy make.
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All right, who stole it? Spring was here yesterday, it was sunny and warm and ever-so Springy. Now there's snow and cold and a complete lack of Spring, so fess up. I want my Spring back!
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We just received this email at work, wordf or word except the email domain:

If you are a time traveler or alien disguised as human, I need
your help!
My entire life and health have been altered and messed with. I
have suffered
tremendously and am now dying! The type of time travel which I
think is most suited to my situation is having my consciousness
transferred to my younger self using either the carbon copy
replica method, or brain snapshot device. Please explain your
method and how safe it is. I am in great danger and need this

If you are in possession of the said technology please send a
(SEPARATE) email to me at: IneedTimeTravel@XXXXXXXXX.com

Yeah, uh-huh, sure.
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What can I say it's the simple things:

1) There's a big thing int the news that Ocean's Journey is closing because they can't afford to stay open. I'm sorry, you built an aquarium in Denver, filled it with at least 75% fresh water fish and charged $15 a pop to see what could be viewed in the course of a half hour. No sympathy for you.

2) I can't find a link as I'm in a hurry but it was in my Time magazine, one of the Olsen twins was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in a show they do together. First, you can tell them apart? And second, an Emmy?!?! Daytime or otherwise, come on! But how must the poor other twin feel *sniff, sniff* Oh wait, I don't care.
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When did our society become so very disposable? Did it start with disposable handkerchiefs (aka kleenex) or was it before that? Not that I'm saying I'd prefer to carry around a snot-filed rag, but things are getting a little out of hand. Now we have disposable diapers, disposable bibs, disposable mops etc. And the attitde has spread, look at the divorce rate, ta-da, disposable spouses! Isn't anything made to last anymore? Oh wait, most of these "disposable" items will last far longer than you or I will, what was I thinking?

See, this is why I shouldn't watch tv.
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The things you can find by hitting the random button. Yes, this is how I feel, but I refuse to use and abuse cut and paste. especilly to that extent. Can you imagine that showing up on your friends page?
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There's just something oh-so smileworthy in seeing a bird flying with straw or grass or string or other such nest making material. It's just as much a herald of spring as the bulbs peaking through the snow in the garden. Despite the weekly snowstorms, spring is sneaking ever closer and it's about time!
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It wasn't until I started working here that I found you can receive SPAM faxes as well as emails, with the added bonus of killing trees!
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Yeah for the fog! It was so thick this morning that you couldn't tell what color the light was until you were at the intersection. Dangerous, but pretty. As soon as I got into Loveland though it was a beautiful, clear, sunny day. Nature is just cool.

Cool...hmmmm, methinks my vocabulary could use a little work. Isn't there some fact that there are tens of thousands of words in the english language and most people today get by on 5000? Something like that. It's kind of sad. I like language and words and the days when letter writing was an art-form and "cool" was a temperature and "awesome" indicated something awe inspiring, not just mildly neat. Oh, and text messaging is the devil.
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What a glorious morning. I absolutely love fog. I can't think of any weather I like better. I know, I'm strange, but that should have been obvious long before now.


Feb. 5th, 2002 06:09 pm
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Saw a bumper sticker "The last time we mixed politics with religion, people got burned at the stake." I'm amused.

Hee hee

Jan. 24th, 2002 03:38 pm
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I have a new hobby...everybody should try it. I remember hearing about doing this once before, but I was at school and getting very little mail of any kind. but no... bwahahahahaha!
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OK, how many people haven't been sleeping well these past few weeks? I don't know what it is, but I cannot get enough sleep, or any good sleep for that matter. Just tossing and turning and brooding and thinking and countless other things that aren't SLEEPING. My mom and several of my coworkers and friends are having the same issue so what's up? I wish I knew so I could a) fix it and then b) SLEEP!!!!!!
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Driving to work saw a big ol' windshield sticker saying "Fear God." Oh good, because fear is a wonderful basis for faith.
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Why do I have this niggling thought in the back of my head that Osama may have been "allowed" to "escape." I mean, if he was caught that would probably satisfy the blood lust of most of the American people and they wouldn't be as supportive of an "ongoing war on terrorism." A war that Bush aides are now saying could last up to 50 years. Weeeeeeee! Are we having fun yet?
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Hiding within all the "Check out my new Web Cam Pics" and "XXX Hot Teens XXX" spam that we get at work (makes you wonder who has been going to what site), we got a "You are Loved" invitation to read the bible and find peace through Jesus. Don't know why, but that little dichotomy amused me this morning.

Juxtaposition!! (OK, so only schwa242 and eeyorekdm will get that, but oh well.)


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