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Spent yesterday afternoon laughing at Twilight. I admit, I read the books...and enjoyed them in a "these are so bad, but I just can't help myself" kind of way. But the over-the-top melodrama that's bearable on the page is so incredibly laughable on screen. My friend and I were giggling throughout.

Then, off to a birthday party for a work friend. Find my work friends and I all have the bad habit of only socializing with each other at parties when there's a mixed group of the host's friends. I try to remember to mingle more, but never quite manage (at least it's a positive sign for how well I get along with my coworkers).

Then, the antidote to Twilight. Went to see Repo: The Genetic Opera, which was all kinds of entertaining. The crowd was reminiscent of high school and Rocky Horror in a lot of ways. The movie itself was actually pretty darn good (I was a little trepidatious considering it was directed by the guy who does the Saw franchise, which I can't stand...but I wanted to see it cause of Anthony Stewart Head). Loved the mixed bag of casting...besides ASH, there was the brilliant dichotomy of Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton. Anyway, if you get the chance, I recommend it (though not if you're in any way squeamish about blood).

That was a midnight show followed by an entertaining ("You'll have to forgive us, we're pretty drunk now") Q&A by the director and one of the co-writers/actors. So not home til about 3 and since I'd caffeinated myself to stay awake for the movie, I came home at 3 and baked for a party today.

Today's party was a 1st birthday/trim-trimming party. Somehow I always forget that, not only do my friends who were hosting have a a baby, but so do 75% of their friends. Four babies about age one, and one around two. Plus several friends expecting. Yikes! Great and all (had fun playing with the wee ones), but so outside of where I am in my life right now (also enjoyed giving the wee ones back to their parents whenever the fussing started).

Two weeks and counting til CO time.
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MMmmmmmm...lovely weekend and it's still got hours more to go. And, added bonus, the sun is finally back (hooray for the sun!!!).

Had an old friend from CO out to visit. She got in late Friday night...after falling asleep on the train and missing her stop, which really wouldn't be as funny if it weren't for the fact that this is the third train mishap she's had in visiting me, twice in LI and once here. It's odd that she now lives on LI and is attending the school that bought my bankrupt school. To add to the connections, her brother went to college in CO with Boy Roommate and his friend who were over last night and his friend actually knew her brother.

OK, strange coincidences and happenstances to the side. Yesterday was a fun day, despite the deluge. We joked that we should probably go from church to temple to mosque til we found the right one to repent in to stop the rain. A week of rain is a bit much, but at least it's finally stopped.

Anyway, we started off with brunch at a coffee house that does amazing crepes. Split a pesto chicken one and a nutella-banana one (mmmmmmmm!). Off to Target to try to find Red Sox Monopoly for her hubbie with no luck.

Got back to the apartment and tried to catch the T for a trip to the Gardner museum, but the deluge won and we gave up, got the car and went to see a movie. Saw Good Night and Good Luck, which is a biopic about Edward R. Murrow and CBS taking on McCarthy. Really, REALLY good. I'd read some reviews that there were undertones of political commentary on today...they weren't undertones, they were just flat out tones. But, despite the lack of subtlety, they still did a phenomenal job. It was pure genius to not have an actor for McCarthy and just use old film clips of him. The cinematography was fabulous and the messages (one about the political atmosphere and the other about the wasteland that is TV) were spot on and well-conveyed. I highly recommend the film.

Since the movie was at the Fenway theater we stopped at a souvenir store to see if they had Red Sox Monopoly with no luck. Thankfully the BU Barnes and Noble did.

After that we hit Harvard Square, which, of course, meant the Harvard bookstore. I got some great used books (Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences both of which I've been meaning to read for awhile now and Beluga Days, which I didn't even know existed til yesterday, but....belugas!!!). I'm sure it'll take me forever to get around to read them considering the length of my "to read" list, but such is life. Then it was dinner at Legal Sea Foods. Yummy lobster and crab ravioli as well as some crab legs. We stopped by Finale on the way to the car to pick up dessert.

Home meant watching Mystic River with Boy Roommate and his friend. I'd already seen it and my assessment still stands...good movie, ends too abruptly and despite all the twisted minds of the male characters the freakiest character of all is Laura Linney because of her final speech...just...gah!

Off to the train station early this morning to drop my friend off. I've been relaxing all day today and then this evening is a yummy birthday dinner with school friends, work friends and even some CO friends so good times will be had. More on that after it happens. Hooray for the almighty weekend (and for the reappearance of the sun, of course!)
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Went and saw Serenity...again. Dragged both my roommates...again. This time I also brought four other friends as well. Three of them loved it, the other said it was "meh," but then admitted to not really liking the Star Wars--even the first ones--so his opinion is kind of suspect.

I noticed a few more things this time around and of course they're kind of spoilery so... )

So even after three viewings, I think it works and works well. Even knowng everything that was going to happen, (or perhaps because of it?) I was still on edge during the climax.

It was interesting to see it in a non-fan audience. I was as aware of the them as I was the movie itself. They seemed to engage. All the comedic lines (and there are so many good ones) got lots of laughs and there was even a smattering of applause at the end...though that could have come from some diehard fans.

Is it bad that I want to see it again?
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Went to see Dan Savage tonight. Too funny. I'll have to buy his book once it's out in paperback. What he read of it was stomach-cramp-inducing hilarious.

I've convinced a large group of people to come see Serenity with me tomorrow night. Should be fun. Boy and Girl Roommate wil be repeat viewers and then 4 to 5 others will be joining us. Just doing my part to ensure that there are sequels...
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Well...you knew it was coming. Or, if you didn't know it was coming, you haven't been reading my journal very long. This is where I tell you all that you should go see Serenity this weekend. I'll even give you good reasons why...

10. Because I said so.

9. Because, well... pretty!

8. Because you don't have to have seen the show to enjoy the movie.

7. Because if you're a Libra (like me) it's in your horoscope...sort of.

6. Because there is some amazingly funny dialogue and a bunch of those great one liners that you leave the theater still chuckling over and repeating for days after.

5. Because what else are you going to watch this weekend...Jessica Alba in a bikini?

4. Because Morpheus will come kick your ass if you don't watch his wife's new movie

3. Because Neil Gaiman said you could.

2. Because this movie making a whole heap of money will be a gigantic F*** YOU to Fox for being stupid enough to cancel the show

1. Because it really is just a damn fine movie that anybody can enjoy. Go. Watch. Love...
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And I'm in Reverse Christmas Mode...yet again.

Although it felt like a long weekend, I'm still not ready to face work again tomorrow. Friday evening was...ok, I'm having to think harder about this than I should...oh yeah! Watching Dead Like Me. I do enjoy that show, though the lead actress has a very oddly-shaped mouth. I've already discussed my Saturday. Today I did some budgeting and went grocery shopping. Went to the movies and then watched more Dead Like Me while doing some homework (again, they shouldn't be allowed to give you homework from a full-time job *whine gripe moan*)

The movie I saw was Murderball. Boy Roommate had been gushing about it for about a month so I finally decided to go. It was indeed quite good. It's a documentary about quadriplegics who play wheelchair-rugby. The stories are told really well and it's just a terrific film, but I really lost it at the last five minutes. By then, the "plot" of the movie is over, but it ends with the team going to a veterans hospital to show the kids coming back from Iraq with missing limbs that there's still an active life ahead of them. I was crying then and I'm tearing up now because these veterans really are kids. There's one who doesn't even look old enough to drive and he's there missing a leg cause he got sent off to war. I just...I have no words to describe how that scene made me feel. Totally not the point of the movie, but definitely the image that is sticking with me right now. Anyway, if you get the chance, you should definitely check out the movie.
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I cannot describe the level to which [livejournal.com profile] mezdeathhead's rightness reaches. The 40-Year-Old Virgin is hilarious. Funniest. Movie. Ever. There were several point where I'd been laughing continuously for such a long period of time that I was in real pain, but couldn't help myself anyway.

To those who have seen it...the most paniful scene to watch actually happened. Steve Carell insisted that it wouldn't look right if it was faked so they had five cameras in the room and he actually had that done. Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!
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Yesterday my coworker was telling me about an article on Fred Thompson and how he's the Kevin Bacon of the Hollywood/DC set; the whole six degrees of separation thing. Like:

Former U.S. Rep. Ben Jones, D-Georgia, who played Cooter on "The Dukes of Hazzard" and is running for a House seat in Virginia, was in "Primary Colors" with John Travolta, who was in "Pulp Fiction" with Bruce Willis, who was in "Die Hard 2" with Fred Thompson.

Well, that reminded me of The Oracle of Kevin Bacon. I haven't futzed with that since freshman year of college when I'd use it as a study break. I forgot how addicting it could be. One cool thing I found was a friend from high school is 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon and is actually in the International Movie Database (also addicting). I was moderately impressed.
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And once again, PC sensibilities are taken a little too far.

Here's the actual petition. "Peter Jackson has decided to tastelessly name the sequel "The Two Towers". The title is clearly meant to refer to the attacks on the World Trade Center." Cause you know, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that that's the title of the actual book written 47 years ago. It's definitely just Peter Jackson being tasteless. Uh-huh.
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OK, so I have been having one hell of a good weekend so far, and as I was drinking rum and coke's tonight and the caffeine has hit me, as it sometimes does, where coke at 10 still has me up and hyper at 3, I feel the need to share. Much Sharing )
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Went out with "the girls" last Friday. Had fun but I noticed something. They were talking and talking about their lives on and on and I was like "work, family...yeah." True a vast majority of their talk was bitching about boyfriends, but it kind of drove home how much of a holding pattern I am in; existing as opposed to living. I'm not unhappy, just ____.

Anyway, also saw Lord of the Rings again last weekend. Basically saw the movie, read the book, then saw the movie. I actually think I liked it better before having read the book. I was more able to get totally engrossed in the story because I wasn't thinking "They left that out, such and such is happening next, this is important cause in the next book..." I did, however, catch names and connections a lot easier having read the book and was much happier with the ending since a) I knew what it could have been if they ended it where the book ended and b) knew how the whole thing ended.

Had good eeyorekdm phone time. Guess the math is two months without a phone call equals a two hour phone call. Playing catch-up is good. Letters and email are nice, but it doesn't beat the hyperactive babbling over top of each other's babble that ensues when we actually talk.

Not much else to say, just doing my best to put off work. See how well I did?
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I guess I have to add to the mass ammounts of posts "What I did/got on my holidays." Yes, I am a sheep.

Saturday was finishing my shopping and helping the folks prepare for the party.

Sunday was the party. I had a good time, but I felt bad for my folks; the only people who came were my friends and our neighbors. All of their friends called to cancel as they were sick.

Monday I went and saw Lord of the Rings. MMMMMMMMMMM good movie! Despite sitting front row center and getting a bit of the IMAX nauseous effect on some of the scenes it was a highly entertaining movie. The only drawback...how long until the next one?!?! Sigh, patience never was one of my virtues. That night was our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Youngs. Ever so yummy! When we first started going (about ten years ago) we were practically the only people there. This year we had to wait a half hour despite having reservations. We are such trendsetters. That night I began to get the inklings of things to come.

Sure enough, Tuesday morning I had a knock down, dragged out head cold/flu type crappiness. My body felt like it had spent the night in an industrial dryer. Ah well, it WAS Christmas so things weren't all bad. Waited for Schwa and Mez to come by and then had our present fest. Got lots of books and CDs, almost three copies of Sims Hot Date (Schwa found out I'd gotten it already so quickly exchanged it for House Party), clothes, etc. Basically your Christmas standards. Nothing too mind-boggling exciting, but all quite satisfying.

Yesterday I was supposed to be back at work, but I could barely expend the energy to sit-up so I spent the day reading, watching movies and playing on the computer. Saw Legally Blonde..amusing. Watched Fat Man and Little Boy. Rather depressing film about the Los Alamos project during WWII. The kind of movie that makes you wish you had a time machine so you could go back in time and slap some people around.

Hope all of you hade good holidays and were in better health than I.
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Haven't had a "real" update for awhile, but I've been busy. Happily busy thanks to eeyorekdm's visit. Showed her the sights and sounds of Ft. Fun. Oh and tastes...lots and lots of food and drink. And yes, we were merry.
Since her departure things have slowly reverted back to normal. That first Monday back at work was not a happy occassion but ce la vie.
Was over at a friends house playing poker on Saturday. I won, naturally. I think gambling must be some sort of genetic thing in my family. At least on my mom's side.
Afterwards, the hostess was doing readings with "Medicine Cards," basically a Native American kind of Tarot cards. Her boyfriend decided that he didn't need a reading as he already knew that his spirit animal was a banana slug. He pointed out that everybody always has some sort of noble animal spirit like the wolf or the eagle. Nobody has some sort of coral as their animal spirit...or a stinkbug, something like that. Along the same lines we discussed how people discuss past lives and they're always some warrior in the Crusades or Joan of Arc or something. I'd like to see somebody say that in their past life they were a ditchdigger, a chamberpot cleaner, the guy the king stepped on to get into his carriage...something like that.
Saw Ghost World last night. Possibly not the best movie to see in my current state of angst, boredom and general dissatisfaction, but too late now. I did like it though. Afterwards I got to watch schwa242 tatoo mezdeathhead. I was the girl with a bazillion questions. I have yet to meet my tatoo rule in order to get one, but I think I may be a little closer than I was before last night.

Oooooooo It's lunchtime!!


Nov. 15th, 2001 06:35 pm
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And there was much...excitement
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Well, my birthday weekend is drawing to a close and I am quite content to bid it a fond farewell. I had fun, but it's time to return to normal (and sobriety).
The party was a blast and entertaining on so many levels. It was nice to see all my different groups of friends put aside their differences and manage to co-exist contentedly under one roof for a few hours. In fact, the party actual saw the healing of some old wounds between some of my friends...I am, as ever, living up to my Switzerland-ness of high school.
Drank a little too much, but then it was my birthday, and nothing my liver wasn't capable of handling in the following 12 hours. Schwa and Mezdeathhead were kind enough to put in an appearance despite Mez's pain-filled week. I think they had fun as well, interacting with my wacky friends.
Yesterday was family celebration. Went to see Bandits. An amusing little film if I do say so myself. The actors put in some really good performances and the film was quite entertaining.
Then dinner where the waitress was someone I went to high school with (Big city/small town aspect of Fort Collins, yet again). Got into quite a little debate over current events, Schwa and I against the parents. Could have gone better, but didn't turn out too bad, which is good.
That's about it, going to laze about today (already read a book) and try not to focus on the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow.
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Watched Trekkies tonight. It's kind of a documentary version of Galaxy Quest, same kind of respectful, razing humor. Some of the people were positively frightening. They argued over whether they were Trekkies or Trekkers while one in particular could just as easily be called a Stalker.
There were some amazing stories too about how Scotty saved a woman from committing suicide and things like that. My friend told a story about John Williams going to direct the London Philharmonic and having the first chair violinist come up and say something along the lines of "When I was young, I heard the music for Star Wars and decided that that was what I wanted to do, make music like that." So basically work John Williams did inspired one of the world's best violinists to pursue music. I know John Williams is Star Wars, but there is a connection. One of the interviewees said that growing up watching Star Trek got her interested in outer space and now she's one of the leading scientists working on the Hubble telescope. Just imagine hearing that a song you wrote or a part you played led this person to become this brilliant musician, scientist, what have you. I know who I could point to and say "you made me want to follow this path," and it makes me wonder if I'll ever do something that would so inspire someone else. Who knows.


May. 6th, 2001 02:15 am
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I SHOULD be in bed right now, but then "Sixteen Candles" is on and I can never resist an 80's John Hughes movie. I was thinking today that someday I'll have to rent all of them so I can see the unedited versions, see if anything cool was cut out in order to fit the commercials in.

Been a movie watching fiend tonight. Started with "The Third Miracle," which was fairly cool. All about Ed Harris, a priest in the middle of a crisis of faith, investigating the possibility of a woman's sainthood. Odd topic for me, but a good movie. I find it strange that my two Christian friends, one a non-practicing Catholic and one a church-going Protestant, come to me when they have questions about the Bible. To clarify, the closest name you could put on my belief system is Taoism. My question is, this book is the basis of your whole belief system, how can you NOT have read the thing?

Hmmm, this is a rather random scattering of thoughts, but then I've always been a random kinda girl. Just found out that Survivor II ended last night. If only that meant the end of it all, but I know there's no such luck. Have a friend who is applying...so is her brother. I really don't see her making it, but who knows, myabe they'll go for the whole sibling angle, it's something new. Makes me think what would happen if Josh and I ever lost our senses completely and ended up on the show. I don't have the imagination to fill in the blanks of what would happen (I bet Josh will though), but I'm sure it would be interesting.

Had an interesting evening last night; it was our Senior Dinner. Basically Southampton's answer to a senior prom. Picture a prom...got that image in your head? OK, now add to the mix of heels, ties, petty cattiness, soap operas, dancing and general hovoc...a four-hour open bar. Yeah, it was interesting to say the least. Ah well, what's college for if not alcohol induced stupidity. What's that you say? Education?! Oh, to laugh...where have you been?

OK, movie is over and can't find anything else on so I'm going to read a little Terry Pratchett and then sleep.


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