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Apparently I'm going to be dealing with snow every other year for the holidays. Two years ago it wasthe blizzard that ate DIA and this year it's a double-hitter of storms in Boston where it's basically been snowing for three days straight. I'm flying out Tuesday, so fingers crossed that it clears up late tonight as it's supposed to.

My plan had been to take the T to the airport, as it's not that bad a trek. But just imagining trying to wrestle my suitcase from my apartment to the T station had me booking at Planet Tran just now so that I just have to make it from my porch to the car.

On the really good news front....new downstairs neighbors actually chip in the shoveling (beyond "I need my car, so I shall only shovel out the part of the driveway that has my car"). That was a very happy discovery.

Just got back from lunch and games with a friend...my first non-shoveling voyage since I came home from work in the first storm Friday. My plans are to hide in the apartment til Tuesday morning, with one trip to the post office to put my mail on hold and send a late present (sorry [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm, I oh-so-surprisingly procrastinated on shipping...).
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I've been on a kick of getting my online life organized. I'm trying to clean out my RSS reader at work into some Delicious bookmarks, trying to go through my backlog of entries here and tag them, etc.

Have to admit, tagging here is fun, if only to go back and see my Oh. Dear. God. No. entries re: Palin and chuckle in satisfaction.

In other chuckle-worthy news, something makes me suspect that the coal industry is getting marketing advice from The Onion. Cause...I mean...come on! Really? Too funny. Their Facebook page is even better. It has fans like Black Lung, Mercury Mel, and Asthma Al. They've (oh-so conveniently) removed the section where you could "review" them. I guess it doesn't pay to advertise a bunch of one star reviews that call you out on your BS. Wheeee!
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Spent yesterday afternoon laughing at Twilight. I admit, I read the books...and enjoyed them in a "these are so bad, but I just can't help myself" kind of way. But the over-the-top melodrama that's bearable on the page is so incredibly laughable on screen. My friend and I were giggling throughout.

Then, off to a birthday party for a work friend. Find my work friends and I all have the bad habit of only socializing with each other at parties when there's a mixed group of the host's friends. I try to remember to mingle more, but never quite manage (at least it's a positive sign for how well I get along with my coworkers).

Then, the antidote to Twilight. Went to see Repo: The Genetic Opera, which was all kinds of entertaining. The crowd was reminiscent of high school and Rocky Horror in a lot of ways. The movie itself was actually pretty darn good (I was a little trepidatious considering it was directed by the guy who does the Saw franchise, which I can't stand...but I wanted to see it cause of Anthony Stewart Head). Loved the mixed bag of casting...besides ASH, there was the brilliant dichotomy of Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton. Anyway, if you get the chance, I recommend it (though not if you're in any way squeamish about blood).

That was a midnight show followed by an entertaining ("You'll have to forgive us, we're pretty drunk now") Q&A by the director and one of the co-writers/actors. So not home til about 3 and since I'd caffeinated myself to stay awake for the movie, I came home at 3 and baked for a party today.

Today's party was a 1st birthday/trim-trimming party. Somehow I always forget that, not only do my friends who were hosting have a a baby, but so do 75% of their friends. Four babies about age one, and one around two. Plus several friends expecting. Yikes! Great and all (had fun playing with the wee ones), but so outside of where I am in my life right now (also enjoyed giving the wee ones back to their parents whenever the fussing started).

Two weeks and counting til CO time.
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Am very much looking forward to my unThanksgiving-esque Thanksgiving. Heading to a friends house to celebrate with her and her brother. She's making spanakopita and the like. I'm making/bringing baklava. And before/after the meal, we're going to dork out over some Dr. Who. Should be grand.

I've actually been off work this whole week and have been reveling in doing as much nothing as possible. Well, if I define nothing as reading, knitting, watching movies, going to VT for a day, going for drinks with friends, etc. The last two basically being ways to ensure I don't spend the WHOLE week in my apartment (close, but not quite the whole week...)
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Itchy inner ears; red, swollen throat; and just general blah. Yet there's no way I can call in sick today. Whine, gripe, and yes, moan...
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With my birthday party, I was entertained seeing all my different groups of friends intermingle. There were current work friends, those from a former job, CO people who have also moved to Boston, school friends, etc. Just these disparate worlds connecting in odd ways at one venue.

So today, when I was reading a friend's post talking about actors on shows that hang out and are friends (Firefly cast springs to mind), I started to think about the different groups that could gather at a party cause of a actor/director/writer's job connections and then what kind of fun connections/crossovers could come out of it.

First thing that sprang to mind was David Hewlett (SGA) working with Joss Whedon (Firefly) cause of the Jewel Staite connection (which doesn't seem too big a stretch seeing as backstage info from both shows seems to indicate people get along great).

What's would your dream "party" connection be?
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I'm officially old now (aka 30). I'm actually firmly in the "it's just a number" camp of whether or not to stress about milestone birthdays, but have been entertained finding out which friends are in the "ohmigod, are you OK?" camp.

Did throw a great "Last night of my 20s" party on Saturday. Always fun to get you separate groups of friends a-minglin'. Somebody brought champagne so we did a midnight toast to my new decade.

The actual day was Honkfest/Oktoberfest. Met up with friends, drank beer, bought some fun stuff, and of course listened to the bands. Was chatting with (possibly chatted up by? I can never tell) on of the drummers from one of the bands.

And then, have the wonder of a three-day weekend for my birthday. Of course, today did involve SOME work, but I balanced it out by doing the work in my PJs, which is always better.

My evening plans involve movies and knitting (so out of character for me), so all in all? My thirties have been good so far :oP
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I'm fine with roommates' boyfriends spending nights in the apartment. But, I'm sorry, when it comes to workday shower schedules, those who actually pay the rent take priority.

Not that I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the boyfriend to finish the world's longest shower or anything *grumble, grumble*

And odds are I'll have no hot water once I get in there. *grumble, grumble more*
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There's a reason drivers from Massachusetts are referred to as Massholes
And frankly, if you had to deal with shit like this, you'd be one too: )


Dec. 2nd, 2007 01:24 am
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Driving home from friend's show and, while I was stopped at a stoplight, a very large, drunk guy just tried to get in my car.

I'm guessing he thought I was a cab.

Scared the shit out of me.
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MMmmmmmm...lovely weekend and it's still got hours more to go. And, added bonus, the sun is finally back (hooray for the sun!!!).

Had an old friend from CO out to visit. She got in late Friday night...after falling asleep on the train and missing her stop, which really wouldn't be as funny if it weren't for the fact that this is the third train mishap she's had in visiting me, twice in LI and once here. It's odd that she now lives on LI and is attending the school that bought my bankrupt school. To add to the connections, her brother went to college in CO with Boy Roommate and his friend who were over last night and his friend actually knew her brother.

OK, strange coincidences and happenstances to the side. Yesterday was a fun day, despite the deluge. We joked that we should probably go from church to temple to mosque til we found the right one to repent in to stop the rain. A week of rain is a bit much, but at least it's finally stopped.

Anyway, we started off with brunch at a coffee house that does amazing crepes. Split a pesto chicken one and a nutella-banana one (mmmmmmmm!). Off to Target to try to find Red Sox Monopoly for her hubbie with no luck.

Got back to the apartment and tried to catch the T for a trip to the Gardner museum, but the deluge won and we gave up, got the car and went to see a movie. Saw Good Night and Good Luck, which is a biopic about Edward R. Murrow and CBS taking on McCarthy. Really, REALLY good. I'd read some reviews that there were undertones of political commentary on today...they weren't undertones, they were just flat out tones. But, despite the lack of subtlety, they still did a phenomenal job. It was pure genius to not have an actor for McCarthy and just use old film clips of him. The cinematography was fabulous and the messages (one about the political atmosphere and the other about the wasteland that is TV) were spot on and well-conveyed. I highly recommend the film.

Since the movie was at the Fenway theater we stopped at a souvenir store to see if they had Red Sox Monopoly with no luck. Thankfully the BU Barnes and Noble did.

After that we hit Harvard Square, which, of course, meant the Harvard bookstore. I got some great used books (Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences both of which I've been meaning to read for awhile now and Beluga Days, which I didn't even know existed til yesterday, but....belugas!!!). I'm sure it'll take me forever to get around to read them considering the length of my "to read" list, but such is life. Then it was dinner at Legal Sea Foods. Yummy lobster and crab ravioli as well as some crab legs. We stopped by Finale on the way to the car to pick up dessert.

Home meant watching Mystic River with Boy Roommate and his friend. I'd already seen it and my assessment still stands...good movie, ends too abruptly and despite all the twisted minds of the male characters the freakiest character of all is Laura Linney because of her final speech...just...gah!

Off to the train station early this morning to drop my friend off. I've been relaxing all day today and then this evening is a yummy birthday dinner with school friends, work friends and even some CO friends so good times will be had. More on that after it happens. Hooray for the almighty weekend (and for the reappearance of the sun, of course!)
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I love birthdays. I love my birthday and other people's birthdays and just...birthday, birthday, birthday *bounce, bounce, bounce* I know lots of people stop caring about (or having any desire to count) birthdays after 21, but that will never be me.

So my day today... Woke up and opened my cards from my folks and my present from [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm (Thank you!!). Off to work.

Work was fairly good in it's own right, no pre-big-event panic and the boss is leaving town tomorrow so there was the promise of respite. Received two dozen mixed color roses from my grad school buddies (which I learned later - after sending a thank you to all - was actually mostly from one friend, so I sent him a snail mail thank you as well). Had cake from my coworkers that was really yummy. Received lots of online birthday wishes throughout the day.

Then home, where the Roommates made dinner, but first had totally decorated the apartment with streamers and balloons and such. Got a gift certificate to the beading store (crafts!) and two books (books!) from Girl Roommate and Visiting Roomate respectively (the decorations were Boy Roommates present). Had yummy tacos and the world's laregest birthday cake, baked by Boy Roommate.

My parents present was a gift certificate to a day spa, which I am totally calling tomorrow for an appointment. I get a facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut and make-up over a 4.5 to 5 hour period...mmmmmmm pampering.

The rest of my evening was phonecalls (and sadly, missed phone calls - Sorry [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm).

So that's my birthday. Well that and a dinner out with as many people as I can manage on Sunday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
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Well, Saturday went well (despite my waking up ten minutes before I was suppose to be at work or ten minutes after I should have left for work, however you want to look at it. After that adrenaline boost, the day went fairly well, even with the weather not cooperating. I heard mostly positive reviews. A bit of gripping for people who couldn't sit with their guests at lunch...you know, the guests they didn't tell us they were bringin. But overall...things were good.

Count me as relieved that it's over and I can finally get back to a semi-normal schedule.

Yesterday was just relaxing all day and then going to a party with the coworkers. It was just what was needed to completely unwind from the stress of the past few weeks. Good food, good beer and lots of laughs.

Went apple picking in the rain today, which was actually much more pleasant than it may sound. Came back with more apples than I know what to do with so if anybody has any great apple-based recipes, please share.

Came home to find a box from [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm waiting for me (which confuses me, cause isn't there no mail today?) It's my birthday present, but I'm going to be good and wait til it's actually my birthday before I open it.

Now I'm going to do some grocery shopping and then do some mix of reading, cleaning, movie watching, and Photoshop fiddling for the rest of the afternoon/evening.
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So I have just had, what could quite possibly be, one of the worst weeks of my life. If you read [livejournal.com profile] schwa242's journal, you know that part of it that makes everything else pale in comparison, but suffice it to say that my Boston life is somehow managing to compete as a comparable emotional drain at this point (but only because it's coming from two fronts).

I just...yeah, really, I don't know. Just happy this week is over cause it sucked beyond the telling of it. There were rants and tears and more rants and more tears (some of the tears at work which is all kinds of awkwardness) and I just ... nope still don't know....

I think the problem is that on the little issues I'm too close and on the big issue I'm too remote and that may not make sense to most (if not all) of you, but there it is.

I have memories of stories but not memories of events. I have memories of impressions.... a laugh. A smile. And yeah, we may not have been in contact that much and we may not have been that close but to know...to really know that there will be no more of that laugh...no more of that smile...

OK, enough tears for this week.

The next one will be happier, I promise. But for now...well sometimes a girl needs to wallow.
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And I'm in Reverse Christmas Mode...yet again.

Although it felt like a long weekend, I'm still not ready to face work again tomorrow. Friday evening was...ok, I'm having to think harder about this than I should...oh yeah! Watching Dead Like Me. I do enjoy that show, though the lead actress has a very oddly-shaped mouth. I've already discussed my Saturday. Today I did some budgeting and went grocery shopping. Went to the movies and then watched more Dead Like Me while doing some homework (again, they shouldn't be allowed to give you homework from a full-time job *whine gripe moan*)

The movie I saw was Murderball. Boy Roommate had been gushing about it for about a month so I finally decided to go. It was indeed quite good. It's a documentary about quadriplegics who play wheelchair-rugby. The stories are told really well and it's just a terrific film, but I really lost it at the last five minutes. By then, the "plot" of the movie is over, but it ends with the team going to a veterans hospital to show the kids coming back from Iraq with missing limbs that there's still an active life ahead of them. I was crying then and I'm tearing up now because these veterans really are kids. There's one who doesn't even look old enough to drive and he's there missing a leg cause he got sent off to war. I just...I have no words to describe how that scene made me feel. Totally not the point of the movie, but definitely the image that is sticking with me right now. Anyway, if you get the chance, you should definitely check out the movie.
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I don't do that enough...start and finish a book in the same day. That used to be my weekend, every weekend, a book a day. It wasn't that great a book, just some fluff, but still it was nice to do.

I went shopping today with minor success. I need to get a white top for an event at work. We have to wear dark suits and white tops...I don't have any white tops that aren't men's Hanes v-neck t-shirts and somehow I don't think that will cut it. Still no top, but got a really great cardigan for really cheap. I love sweater weather. This is so very much my favorite time of year, nice sunny days but the need for a sweater or jacket to be totally comfortable at night. Still no white top though. I'll probably go by Kohl's next weekend to get something really inexpensive, because, as the total absence in my wardrobe would indicate, I don't wear much white normally.

Don't know if I've mentioned it, but Boy Roommate is talking about moving cross-country. I really don't want him to go a) because I'll miss him and B) because I don't want to have to find another roommate, but I can understand his need to leave and am actually trully wishing him luck (as opposed to saying "good luck," while keeping my fingers crossed that he has to stay here). As it turns out, though, Girl Roommate's Ex-Roommate is looking for a place starting about when Boy Roommate would be leaving (if he leaves). She came by to scope out the place and, like everyone, was blown away by the size. The only hurdle is convincing the landlord that she can bring her cat. He seems reluctantly willing to be convinced so fingers crossed.
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Mmmmmmm... I'm a happy [livejournal.com profile] taerowyn right now. I just got back from a Tori Amos concert. It was an outdoor concert on a nice breezy night. I found street parking on a street that lead right to the onramp home. I'm now in my room which is all clean and shiny thanks to the cleaning I did today and my fridge is full thanks to the grocery shopping I did today. I'm just a content girl right now. It's nice.
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For those of you who don't know me that well, I have this thing where I hate to just watch TV. I have to be doing something at the same time. Usually it's either cross-stitch or scrapbooking. Anyway, I recently finished a yearlong project and I thought I'd share (brag). So here's what I made for the wedding that I was maid of honor for last summer. Two things: 1) the names are blurred out cause...hello...internet safety and all that and 2) the gift would have been on time had they not moved the wedding up a year. Click here for the pretty )
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Forgot to post about this. Awhile ago I got a package from school with a picture of me receiving my check at graduation and a letter asking me to write a thank you to the donor. No big deal or anything, but what was really entertaining was the letter, which, as I said, was enclosed in the package which contained a picture of me receiving the check at the graduation ceremony, says "Although you were unable to attend Commencement to accept your award in person, please know how proud the College was to...."

Somebody wasn't paying attention to their mail merge/form letters. But hey, I got a smile out of it.
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The fact that starting this job was really "the first day of the rest of my life" is finally starting to sink in. I've got the routine down, what with commutes and work and grocery shopping on the way home and the cooking the dinner and packing the lunches and the making the weekends count for as much as possible.

It's funny though, when I had all that free time from only working part time, there was nothing going on and now that free time is at a premium, my social calendar has all sorts of things on it - concerts, kayaking, sailing, birthday celebrations, happy hours, ball games (though that sadly got canceled).

And now that I've got the almighty paycheck I can do even more. I was looking at some adult education classes (cooking, drawing and photography) and there's the possibility of getting season tickets to the theater or I could just pick a show every month or so to check out...we'll see. Plus, there's the plans for furnishing the apartment with some moderately grown-up furniture.

Guess it's just sinking in that this is me as a grown-up now...no more school on the horizon, just work and, for lack of a better phrase, grown-up stuff. So how come I still feel like a 14-year-old sometimes?

ETA If you're on my friends list, I read your journal (I'm strange like that), I just don't necessarily fill out every meme you happen to post.


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