Dec. 10th, 2008 06:22 pm
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So for gifts to my friends among coworkers I usually bake/cook something, fudge, peanut butter cups, cookies, stuff like that.

This year I'm feeling totally uninspired on what to make. I can't do my standard cracker candy's my standard. I was thinking maybe baklava, but whoa $$$$$ (I can only make it with pistachios).

Anybody have good recipes to share that:
  • Are fairly easy
  • Store unrefrigerated for at least a week
  • Are easily packaged
  • Do not require a candy thermometer
  • Don't require too many specialty ingredients
  • Are easily increased to large batches
  • Are unbelievably yummy

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Spent yesterday afternoon laughing at Twilight. I admit, I read the books...and enjoyed them in a "these are so bad, but I just can't help myself" kind of way. But the over-the-top melodrama that's bearable on the page is so incredibly laughable on screen. My friend and I were giggling throughout.

Then, off to a birthday party for a work friend. Find my work friends and I all have the bad habit of only socializing with each other at parties when there's a mixed group of the host's friends. I try to remember to mingle more, but never quite manage (at least it's a positive sign for how well I get along with my coworkers).

Then, the antidote to Twilight. Went to see Repo: The Genetic Opera, which was all kinds of entertaining. The crowd was reminiscent of high school and Rocky Horror in a lot of ways. The movie itself was actually pretty darn good (I was a little trepidatious considering it was directed by the guy who does the Saw franchise, which I can't stand...but I wanted to see it cause of Anthony Stewart Head). Loved the mixed bag of casting...besides ASH, there was the brilliant dichotomy of Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton. Anyway, if you get the chance, I recommend it (though not if you're in any way squeamish about blood).

That was a midnight show followed by an entertaining ("You'll have to forgive us, we're pretty drunk now") Q&A by the director and one of the co-writers/actors. So not home til about 3 and since I'd caffeinated myself to stay awake for the movie, I came home at 3 and baked for a party today.

Today's party was a 1st birthday/trim-trimming party. Somehow I always forget that, not only do my friends who were hosting have a a baby, but so do 75% of their friends. Four babies about age one, and one around two. Plus several friends expecting. Yikes! Great and all (had fun playing with the wee ones), but so outside of where I am in my life right now (also enjoyed giving the wee ones back to their parents whenever the fussing started).

Two weeks and counting til CO time.
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Am very much looking forward to my unThanksgiving-esque Thanksgiving. Heading to a friends house to celebrate with her and her brother. She's making spanakopita and the like. I'm making/bringing baklava. And before/after the meal, we're going to dork out over some Dr. Who. Should be grand.

I've actually been off work this whole week and have been reveling in doing as much nothing as possible. Well, if I define nothing as reading, knitting, watching movies, going to VT for a day, going for drinks with friends, etc. The last two basically being ways to ensure I don't spend the WHOLE week in my apartment (close, but not quite the whole week...)
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Hmmm... went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in FTC, guess I shouldn't be disappointed seeing as it's Ft. Fun, but come on! There was only one pipe band. However, that was made up for three country music blaring floats, a Jewish Celebration Dancers one, and countless political candidates driving pickup trucks with shamrocks on them.

Where was I a year ago today? Best to not think about it.

Hee Hee

Feb. 15th, 2002 08:31 am
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Nothing to say, was just playing with icons. Look what I made!!!

Oh wait, can share a funny valentine story. Checked the mail yesterday and there was a card addressed to my dad and his ex-wife. Hmmmmm. It was an anniversary card (Dad and his ex were married on Valentine's) from a rather forgetful relative. Forgetful to the point that he's sending an anniversary to a dead woman and the man who divorced her and has been married to somebody else (my mom) for almost 29 years. It's a good thing Mom has a good since of humor.

New Year's

Jan. 2nd, 2002 02:56 pm
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Well, I really have no "real" New Year's resolutions. True, I did get some prices on local health clubs today, but that was just an extenuation of my lunchtime walks I've been taking over the past several months until the cold snap. Now I figure if I join a club that's on my drive home from work I can go, no excuses about the weather and with the added incentive that I will be wasting money if I don't go. Besides...year long access to a swimming pool? Yeah!

I guess I could make a positive and negative resolution based on my New Year's itself. Like have more of my New Year's activities throughout the year and convince my friend to do less of his New Year's activities throughout the year i.e. go to the hospital (AGAIN) due to too much alcohol. I'm a little worried about him, but it's one of those areas of "What can I do?" It's his life, I can tell him how worried I am, but if I keep getting on his case I'm going to become some sort of annoying nag who he'll avoid. He's talking about seeking help, I hope it is not just talk. In the meantime I will just have to sit back, worry, and cringe everytime I see him getting drunk. Or is there some other option I'm not thinking of?
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I guess I have to add to the mass ammounts of posts "What I did/got on my holidays." Yes, I am a sheep.

Saturday was finishing my shopping and helping the folks prepare for the party.

Sunday was the party. I had a good time, but I felt bad for my folks; the only people who came were my friends and our neighbors. All of their friends called to cancel as they were sick.

Monday I went and saw Lord of the Rings. MMMMMMMMMMM good movie! Despite sitting front row center and getting a bit of the IMAX nauseous effect on some of the scenes it was a highly entertaining movie. The only long until the next one?!?! Sigh, patience never was one of my virtues. That night was our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Youngs. Ever so yummy! When we first started going (about ten years ago) we were practically the only people there. This year we had to wait a half hour despite having reservations. We are such trendsetters. That night I began to get the inklings of things to come.

Sure enough, Tuesday morning I had a knock down, dragged out head cold/flu type crappiness. My body felt like it had spent the night in an industrial dryer. Ah well, it WAS Christmas so things weren't all bad. Waited for Schwa and Mez to come by and then had our present fest. Got lots of books and CDs, almost three copies of Sims Hot Date (Schwa found out I'd gotten it already so quickly exchanged it for House Party), clothes, etc. Basically your Christmas standards. Nothing too mind-boggling exciting, but all quite satisfying.

Yesterday I was supposed to be back at work, but I could barely expend the energy to sit-up so I spent the day reading, watching movies and playing on the computer. Saw Legally Blonde..amusing. Watched Fat Man and Little Boy. Rather depressing film about the Los Alamos project during WWII. The kind of movie that makes you wish you had a time machine so you could go back in time and slap some people around.

Hope all of you hade good holidays and were in better health than I.


Dec. 21st, 2001 03:15 pm
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I just got my Christmas bonus. Sweet Bajebus!!! Christmas bonuses in the real world are great. I've had them in my little slack off, while in school jobs, but never to this amount. I could go to Amazon and buy 95% of my wish list...or I could be good and save it. Let's see, what do you think I'm going to do?
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OK, if you want to give a good, inexpensive, eductional, year long present to anyone, including yourself, go here. Introductory subscriptions to Mother Jones are only TEN DOLLARS people!!!
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I think the fact that it's just two weeks until Christmas has finally hit. The things I have to get done...!!! Not pancing quite yet, but give me time.

Company Christmas party is Friday. Schnazzy french restaurant in Berthoud of all places. How do you get a practically four-star restaurant in BERTHOUD?! Anyway, many thanks to big brother Schwa for saving me from being set up by my boss by agreeing to come with me. My boss had the "great" idea that I should be set up with one of the company's ex-employees who is currently driving one of my co-workers insane by "always being around." Not really the best promotional pitch I've heard for the set-up of a blind date. Besides, who really wants to be set-up by their boss? So many thanks, Schwa. There's actually going to be a few siblings there from what I understand. It will be interesting to meet the families of my coworkers.

Going to bake all sorts of cookies this weekend. I love baking, but my mom and I (foolishly) agreed to a cookie exchange, which means, besides the cookies I have to make for the family, I have to make 6 dozen more for the cookie exchange. Good thing I like to bake.

Also have to get out shopping. I don't think I've ever put off Christmas shopping for this long. I'll have to wait for my paycheck on Thursday and then a-shopping I will go. I have no idea what to get anybody, so we'll see how I do.

Aren't the holidays fun?


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