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OK, much as I'm enjoying riding the positive...it's not all that changey if it's all recycled Clinton people--that's just reruns.


I think my hope tank needs topped off a bit.
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My clock radio is set to NPR. It really just makes me completely tense up any time the story happens to be covering the McCain campaign. It's just such a total repeat of the Bush show: Fear, fear, fear, be afraid, fear, fear. Can we be done with that now? Please?
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Itchy inner ears; red, swollen throat; and just general blah. Yet there's no way I can call in sick today. Whine, gripe, and yes, moan...
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I'm fine with roommates' boyfriends spending nights in the apartment. But, I'm sorry, when it comes to workday shower schedules, those who actually pay the rent take priority.

Not that I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the boyfriend to finish the world's longest shower or anything *grumble, grumble*

And odds are I'll have no hot water once I get in there. *grumble, grumble more*
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There's a reason drivers from Massachusetts are referred to as Massholes
And frankly, if you had to deal with shit like this, you'd be one too: )
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I miss having a best friend who lives nearby. I've tried being "one of the girls" here and it's just not the same. I mean, we get along and all, but I'm just too different from them in a lot of ways for true best friend-dom.

Apparently I need to keep my eye out for a 6'* or taller girl who shares the same name as [livejournal.com profile] eeyorekdm or my CO best friend.

*OK, maybe not 6', but when you're 5'2" and your two best friends are at least 5 inches taller than you, it might as well be...
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I got a tetanus shot today and feel the need to whine, gripe and moan about the muscle ache in my arm now.

Whine. Gripe. Moan.

Thank you. That is all.
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Four day weekends are wonderful things until Monday rolls around cause then they just suck.

I'm taking care of the house and pets while my folks are in Cancun. I'm not bitter or jealous or resentful in the slightest. Oh no, not me.

It's such a trade off, I have more than enough money to take a wonderful vacation, but if I spend my savings on that then the longer I'm stuck here and not moving back east. Guess I'll just stick to dreams of winning the lottery despite the fact that I would actually have to play to do so. Details schmetails.

Ramble much?
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So much for a peaceful break from the office. I went on my lunchtime walk to find the trail over run with Boy Scout doing some sort of nature checklist. Not my idea of "peaceful." I was kind of hoping they'd get the chance to check off mountain lion but no such luck.
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My lesson learned from yesterday? Buying for two year olds is hard. I was shopping for a birthday present for my friend's daughter and everything was either for little babies or for 3+. Grrrrrrrr. I'm sure that she is advanced anough to handle the 3+ stuff that is marked thus because the makers think two year olds aren't intelligent enough/don't have the hand-eye coordination to handle it (as opposed to the ones marked 3+ due to small parts) but I don't know how much of a stickler her mom is about it. Oh well, stuffed animals are always good.
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OK, I know we needed the rain Rain was good, rain was nice, but waking up to snow this morning? Gah! It's almost June!! Somebody obviously didn't get the memo.


Apr. 10th, 2002 01:31 pm
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Bored out of my mind and ever-so frustrated. I'm back to the stage where I'm looking for a new job because this one is pissing me off so much. Found a really great position...in Westminster. Kind of defeats the purpose of living at home to save money if I spend all my money on gas and if I'm going to move, it sure as hell isn't going to be somewhere else in Colorado.

If I am being asked to absorb some of the job duties of one of the women who got laid off, am I justified in expecting a raise so my salary is a little closer to what her's was?

I need to spend less and save more. I've been pretty darn good with savings, but the better I get the sooner I can leave and I really am in the mood to leave. Remind me again why I thought putting off grad school 'til 2003 was a good idea?

I'm in a fairly deep rut socially as well, but then, if I lived somewhere else I wouldn't even have the social life I do now. How pathetic is that? How do you meet people without classes and dorms and all that stuff? All I have right now are the people I knew in high school and their college friends.

Basically just whine, gripe, moan, gripe, whine....somebody tell me something happy/funny to snap me out of the craptastic mood I have mired myself in. Please?
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Grrrrrrr.... I am very fed up with people interrupting me with a five minute rambling monologue of something they want me to do when it's something that I have already said I would do and, in fact would be accomplishing if that person wasn't going on and on about the specific details that need taken care of and why. I know my job damnit! And when it comes to that I know it better than you so if you actually want the task accomplished, shutup and let me get to work!
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Hmmm... went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in FTC, guess I shouldn't be disappointed seeing as it's Ft. Fun, but come on! There was only one pipe band. However, that was made up for three country music blaring floats, a Jewish Celebration Dancers one, and countless political candidates driving pickup trucks with shamrocks on them.

Where was I a year ago today? Best to not think about it.


Mar. 8th, 2002 10:32 pm
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Yes folks it's Friday night and yet again we find Katy hanging out at home. What a social butterfly!

I did have plans damnitall. I was going to meet Kim & CO. at her place at ten and we were going to go out dancing. I told her I may or may not show up, 5:30 mornings make 10:00 very late, but she said they'd be there 'til 10. I get there at 5 'til and they're gone and her friend who was still there said they're going to the Matrixx (the xtra x for xtra schnazzy...in their minds) and oh by the way they have a dress code so those jeans you're wearing won't do, but you're cute, you might not have a problem.

So let's see I can 1) go to the club, hope I get in, but possibly be turned back at the door, or 2) Drive across town, change, then turn around and drive back across town and hope I can track down my friends. As you can see I opted for door #3 drive home, rant about the situation online and then read a good book until I fall asleep. Hey, sounds like a damn fine evening to me.


Mar. 6th, 2002 02:14 pm
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Why most the good going always go? Work was fine, work was dandy, due to a familial crisis Kathy will only be in sporadically for the next 3-4 months and now work sucks. I had just about got all the other people's tasks that I've had to assume all nice and balanced and now this. So I have to cover her duties while interviewing and training somebody for temporary coverage while completing my regualr tasks. Can anybody else hear the ticking time-bomb in my head?
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This week is just not going my way. First there's all my fun with dreams. Then there's fun with the bank. I went to the ATM and tried to withdraw money and it said "Equipment Failure, Please Try Again" so I did and got the money, but my account shows both withdrawls as going through. So I had to go to the bank and fill out "fraud" forms (machines can commit fraud?) but I , of course, forgot my wallet so the guy verified my ID with a school ID and asking me for my SSN, birthdate etc. Didn't work too well considering the bank thinks I was born in 75, don't ask me why.

Yesterday I spilled a coke all over my keyboard. Today it was water all over me and my desk. GRRRRRRR! I just want to go home until this week is over, it's obviously out to get me.

On a happy note I went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science this weekend and had a good time. With the added bonus of a side trip to The Tattered Cover because I cannot take a daytrip into Denver and NOT got there. I think some weekend I will just go and spend the day there. Spend a whole day just wandering that beautiful store. Mmmmmmmm, happy thoughts, maybe the week's not so bad.


Feb. 4th, 2002 10:48 am
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My mom has even figured out delayed action ways to get on my nerves. As described previously, she has been getting on my nerves of late.

Yesterday evening we got home from a movie and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bowl chair and read, but no she had to be on the computer with the tv on as well. So, I go to my room and I can still hear the tv...i ask her to turn it down and she does only to turn it up when the heat comes on and leave it up when it shuts off again. So I ask her again to turn it down and she gets all pissy. I'm sorry if you're so deaf you need the tv at full volume, but I feel I should be able to be in my room with my door closed and not have to listen to Ally McBeal while I read. It would be ok if it was just background noise, but I can't concentrate if I can understand the words which I could, quite clearly. Grrrr!

So, in order to escape her noise I go upstairs to the living room. Guess what? She STILL has it so loud I can understand every word! So I end up in her bedroom on her bed, and then she has the gall to come upstairs and ask why I'm in there.

So today, I'm thinking "Yeah, house-to-myself time when I get back from work." Which, considering how irritatted I have been with her of late, I am sorely in need of, but no. She called me at work this morning to tell me she took "a goof-off day" and will be home all day including those precious few hours from when I get home to when she normally arrives. I think my head is going to explode!!
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In an "eh" kind of mood of late. Just don't feel connected to anything recently. Work...it's a job. I've always had clear definitions of a job vs. a career. This is definitely just a job. Add in the fun staff turmoil that's going on and why should I bother investing anything of myself into it?

Family? Well, I'm worried about my Dad, but only moderately so as now that he's off the medication all seems well. My mom is driving me up the wall. When she's feeling lazy, I finish her work and run her errands, when I'm feeling lazy, I finish her work and run her errands. Grrrr. Doesn't exactly put me in a "bonding" mood. And I only see my brother if I stop by the coffeeshop or if he comes over to do laundry.

Friends? I've already discussed the CO friend situation way back when. Hasn't really improved. Yes there are four or five people I see on a semi-weekly basis, but we really don't connect on too much except the past. Where is the connection about here and now and even the future. Of course, that fact that my here and now is so echoingly vacuous may have something to do with that, I mean what do I have to share...work sucks, family is "eh," I'm not accomplishing anything creatively and all in all life is bland.
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I guess it's kind of fitting that two years to the day after my mom's big car accident, I get in my first. Nothing big, just got rear-ended by somebody. Minimal car damage, scratches in the bumper (rubbermaid cars are good) and my neck and back were just wrenched a bit, but it was definitely the perfect ending to the perfect day. Our programmer had to update the order database all morning so I was stuck doing busywork while she worked on my computer. Then we had a budgetary meeting at noon that lasted TWO HOURS, so I had to try to get my whole days work done between 2 and 4. Let me tell you that this did not a happy taerowyn make. And then, to top off the day, some college girl decides to ram my car. GRRRRRRR to the world!


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