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I'm just....shocked.

This President...discussing personal responsibility...personal sacrifice...conservation...I just...wow. Never thought I'd see the day.

Of course then you get to this parapgraph:

In Washington, two House committees are expected to consider proposals this week that have been blocked in the past by environmental objections. Beyond making it easier to build new refineries, one proposal would allow states to opt out of Congressional bans on coastal oil drilling, and another would allow drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which has been controversial for years.

and realize that nah, it's still the same old administration.
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In a much improved mood and very much looking forward to the weekend. I think missing out on a restful weekend to paint did not help. This weekend I'm going to catch up on my reading and laze about in the sun and just do as little as possible. It will be ever so nice.

However, on a much less happy note, does Yucca Mountain scare the shit out of you, cause I know it does me? Pretty good point made here:

Enter Yucca Mountain-the mythological solution. If it clears all political, legal and engineering hurdles, the mountain could open for business in 2010. By then we will have more waste, about 63,400 metric tons, on our hands....And what do you know-that's already more than the 63,000 metric tons of civilian nuclear waste Yucca is designed to hold. That's right: The morning Yucca opened, we would already need a whole second Yucca Mountain.

It seems to me the only arguement supporter's have is "look, it's a crappy solution, but it's the best one we have...let's do it." Somehow "nuclear waste" and "crappy solution" just doens' make me all that happy.
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I know this is supposed to be bad news and all, but there's a tiny little part of me that says, "Well, finally." The little tiny part of me that thinks you know what, we can't destroy the earth, just fuck it up enough to destroy us and in the end, is that really a bad thing? Methinks I'm becoming a wee bit too fatalistic.
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Why does this not suprise me?
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Not that I really went anywhere other than not to this journal. I've just been very busy recently and at the same time haven't had much to blather on about. But it's a nice Saturday night and, although I should go to bed, I feel like typing instead.
First off, the end to my tedium and bottomed out bank account has finally arrived in the form of a job (and there was much rejoicing...yeah!). I am an executive assistant which is just about as much fun as it sounds. But the people are great and the environment is laid back and, hell, I need the money.
Went to the wedding of a close friend about two weeks ago. The first of my high school cronies to get married. It was quite surreal. It was also the coolest wedding I've been to despite the fact that the priest said the phrase "Chrisitian marriage" at LEAST 40 times in a thirty minute ceremony. What was so neat about it was that it was very laidback. Yes it was in a church and religious and followed the norms, but also their parents got up and said a few words, shared some amusing stories and c'mon the priest STARTED the vow taking with "Maywige...Maywige is what bwings us togetha tooooday."
Hmmmm, what else to ramble on about. WEll I suppose in penance for being gone so long I can share some amusing (and some disturbing) things I have learned in my absence. For instance, somewhere, someone decided that cell phones were not enough of a distraction to drivers. And, just in case we haven't messed up the environment enough, let's see if we can get some REALLY good droughts going. Or how about something new for Schwa's What The Hell Did You Just Put In Your Mouth series, mac&cheese pop? And I can't find it now, but I do recall reading about a new level of laziness...integrating fibers that shrink at high temperatures into shirt sleeves so YOU never have to roll up your sleeves because when it gets hot they get shorter themselves. Yes folks, this is the height of science and technology today. What can we invent next?


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