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There's a reason drivers from Massachusetts are referred to as Massholes
And frankly, if you had to deal with shit like this, you'd be one too: )
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OK, so this balances out the scary story of my friend. I was trying to get into the parking lot behind College Cafe, dinky little lot for lots and lots of different businesses. Anyway, the guy in front of me was trying to manuever into a space and he kept slowly inching towards me. Right when I was about to honk at him, he REALLY backed up...right into me. (May I say, two months down in 2002, two accidents...yeah!)

So he gets parked and I'm still waiting for a space. This kid, 16-17 pops out and comes over to apologize as his MOM gets out of the passenger side. Poor kid. I roll down my window and tell him that if htere's no damage we don't need to worry about it. Sure enough there wasn't even a scratch (Yeah plastic bumpers!) so I told him that it's fine and we can just leave it alone.

So I go into the back door of College Cafe and start telling Kim my adventures when the kid and his mom come in the front. She sees me, but he doesn't. Anyway, we all get our food and they head into the dining room to sit and I follow in order to get some chopsticks. As I walk in the kid is saying "She was very nice."

His mom says "She's right there." and the kid looks up at me and blushes. As I'm heading out the door his mom says "You know, people meet their true loves..." I just had to laugh. Jailbait!! I would kill my mother if she did something like that, and, as Kim pointed out, I can totally see my mom doing something like that.


Jan. 3rd, 2002 11:59 am
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As in I am so very...

Slow day at work today. I guess it's counterbalance for the $4,250 day we had yesterday (we average about $1,000 a day normally so yesterday was HUGE!).

Got a call from the insurance people. They want to replace my bumper where the girl rear-ended me. It has a few scratches...in plastic. Who cares?! So I'm going to take the money instead. Hee hee!! That way I can put it with what's left of my Christmas bonus and maybe save up for a nice vacation. My friend just graduated so she's taking all her graduation money and she and her boyfriend are going to Cancun. I'm thinking less tropical/touristy and more Europey...I hope. But I'm glad she made me think of saving up for travel as opposed to splurging on schtuff.
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I guess it's kind of fitting that two years to the day after my mom's big car accident, I get in my first. Nothing big, just got rear-ended by somebody. Minimal car damage, scratches in the bumper (rubbermaid cars are good) and my neck and back were just wrenched a bit, but it was definitely the perfect ending to the perfect day. Our programmer had to update the order database all morning so I was stuck doing busywork while she worked on my computer. Then we had a budgetary meeting at noon that lasted TWO HOURS, so I had to try to get my whole days work done between 2 and 4. Let me tell you that this did not a happy taerowyn make. And then, to top off the day, some college girl decides to ram my car. GRRRRRRR to the world!


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