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When I started first grade I was in a new school in a new city. My first day of school, all the girls warned me about the "Kissy Boy" and how he spent every recess tormenting all the girls. They said he'd probably be after me right away since I was new.

Sure enough, the first recess this little boy starts walking towards me, lips puckered, making kissing noises. All the little girls who were talking to me ran away, screaming shrilly. I, on the other hand, turned around, punched him in the stomach and walked away. Damned if I was going to deal with any "Kissy Boy"

And people wonder why I'm still single...
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Just got this email from a friend of my mom's, she's trying to talk to her cousin about making some contacts for me educationally speaking:

[He] would be more than happy to coordinate a meeting (or something like that!) I can put you in touch directly with my cousin if you'd like. His name is ******, and he's a professor in the ***** Department. (He's also single and pretty good-looking, although at 50, he may be a bit old for you. But he does still hope to have a family, so maybe younger is better!)

Can we say old enough to be my father? Good I knew you could.
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Had a girls' night with Mom and her friends on Tuesday. My single status came into question. What is it about poeple with Significant Others trying to make sure everybody else has one too? Yes, I'm single. But guess what, I don't put any effort into not being single because I have yet to meet anybody worth the effort. Heck, I barely put any effort into meeting people.

I'm single and I like it about 97% of the time. The other 3% is either when people are a) grilling me on why I'm single, b) trying to set me up with "this really great guy, he lives in Kansas, he's bald...you should let him send you a picture, we already sent him yours." c) those occassional moments, usually occuring around happily married friends or while watching sappy movies when I think "Gee, that would be nice." But really most of the time I'm good being single, that's why I make no effort to change it. It's just not a priority in my life at the moment. Why can't some people just accept that? And think, I'm not even 25 yet. What are people going to be like if I'm still single in a decade?

Of course, maybe it's not that I put in no effort. We could go to the explanation of my two closest guy friends who combined have told me I am scary, intimidating and abrasive. Possibly I am these things because I'm not trying my darndest to "catch myself a man." Who knows. I'll put in the effort when I find a guy who isn't intimidated. How's that sound?

"The One"

Jun. 25th, 2001 09:40 pm
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OK, my friend and I have this theory about relationships and it's been on my mind as of late. We have this idea that everybody has one person, either an "ex" or a good friend that you wish you had dated that will always be a part of your heart. Someone who, no matter how happy you end up in some other relationship, will always make you wonder "what if." Then again, we can both entertain this theory as neither of us are IN relationships so any opinions?
The reason this whole theory is on my mind is that I recently saw the engagement announcement of the person who fits this description for me. Even now, six YEARS after I saw him last, part of me kind of sighs. Of course maybe the theory is a load of bull and I'm just a pathetic loser, but what the hell.


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