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Man, long time, no post. So long in fact, that I can't even do one of those "first sentence of the first post of each month" year end recaps since I haven't posted since, oh, September.

Mostly it's been a matter of my online time/sharing being eaten up by Twitter/Facebook. I still come here to catch up on all my reading and what you guys are doing, but my urge to post has slipped quite a bit thanks to those outlets. Add to that, I'm in the process of setting up my own WordPress powered site and you've got the makings of...look at that...months without posts.

I'm guessing nobody wants a regurgitation of what the past three months have entailed. Suffice it to say I've been busy. Content, but busy.

And in CO twice (where I am now in fact).

Winding up a long visit (will be 2+ weeks by the tie I leave). Pretty funny that I've been here for almost two weeks at this point and haven't really socialized with anybody other than family or family friends (ie non of my old friends). Will do that in a mad rush over the next few days. Basically I've just been in full on homebody mode...and loving it.

Anyway, spectacular Christmas, what looks to be a fairly tame New Year and then back to Boston. I'll try to post more often, but I refuse to cross-post as I feel DW/LJ and twitter are very different mediums and I'm on twitter quite a lot, which would get old from a DW/LJ perspective.

OH, and speaking of DW/LJ, I still have unused Dreamwidth invite codes if anybody wants one.
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