Dec. 28th, 2010

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Home for the holidays. Been grand so far, though have missed schwa242 and mezdeathhead.

Dinner with the girls (i.e. friends I've known since about first grade) and then we joined up with some friends who also live in Boston. Married couple and the wife is from here and friends with my friends, but we didn't get really close til she and her husband moved to Boston. Surreal to be hanging out with them in CO instead of MA.

Traditional (for us) Christmas Eve feast of Vietnamese food and then a round of games with family friends. Telephone Pictionary is just too much fun, and the silliness abounds.

Christmas was low key, but nice. Happiness with presents all around. Schwa242 and I were obviously on the same wavelength as we both got Mom necklaces and Dad books on cartoonists (Sergio Aragones from him, Gary Trudeau from me).

M&D and I went to see Unstoppable. Really getting to like Chris Pine. The title of the movie was not just about the trains, but about the tension level. All three of us were just wrung out from tensing up for more than an hour. It's not high art in any way, but definitely a fun ride.

Now it's just the slow unwind to New Year's eve (flying back that day...and an I say how GLAD I am that my travel plans weren't any time around the snowpacalypse this year?)

My New Years Resolution(s) this year are no new books and no new yarn. Did the no new books one year and it was probably the only Resolution I ever stuck to. I just have so many unread books on my shelves (and so much unused yarn in my stash) that I need to get through some of those before I should be allowed to buy more.

Course it's not the New Year *yet* so I just put in an order at my local book shop for a handful more books. Mostly work-related and having to do with my new position, but should be interesting. They should be ready for me to pick up the day I get back.

Anyway, hope the holidays are treating all of you (if there are any of you left on LJ :P ) well and that the New Year brings you all you hope for...


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